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Molotov Cocktail Causes Deadly Fire at Illegal Casino in Mexico

The incident occurred in the afternoon on November 22

A fire at an illegal Mexican casino in Tijuana has led to the deaths of people. According to witnesses, the fire was caused by a hit-and-run attack that saw people on a motorcycle toss a Molotov cocktail at the property. The culprits promptly disappeared from the scene.

In the meantime, the fire spread quickly, engulfing the property. Located at the intersection of Pacífico Avenue and Granizo Street in Tijuana’s tourist area, the illegal casino was quickly surrounded by firefighters who got the situation under control.

Unfortunately, the fire claimed two victims. Their remains are yet to be identified by experts. Another person was badly hurt and rushed to a hospital.

The incident occurred in the afternoon on November 22.

The Police Don’t Have Any Leads

Unfortunately, the police have no clue as to who the perpetrator might be. The only information authorities currently have are the accounts of the people on a motorcycle who have allegedly tossed the firebomb.

The Baja California’s prosecution is currently investigating the matter, although it has been unable to find additional information as of the time of this writing. Authorities are also uncertain whether the attack was aimed at a person at the property or the property itself.

As a border city, Tijuana has long been haunted by organized crime, prompting suggestions that the fire might be related to gang violence. If so, this wouldn’t be the first time rival cartels have engaged in violent activities against one another.

Sadly, Tijuana’s location has helped it cultivate an unhealthy amount of organized crime. The city is known for the regular movements of cartels and criminal activities, which include illegal gambling and human trafficking, to name a few.

Unfortunately, the fire at the Tijuana casino is not the only casino arson in the country. In September, Mexican authorities arrested the head of a cartel believed to be behind the devastating fire at Casino Royale in Monterrey.


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