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Pokimane Tries to Fix Trainwreck Fan Who Lost $60,000 on Gambling Addiction

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of Twitch’s biggest female streaming stars and she has been known to interact with other big streamers, and more importantly fans. Addressing one follower in a recent broadcast, Pokimane offered her two cents after the person reported to have fallen into gambling addiction following Trainwreck, another prominent streamer on Twitch who focuses exclusively on gambling and who has been known to lose a lot of money himself. The fan though ended up costing them $60,000.

Losing $60,000 on Gambling and What to Do Next

Trainwreck has become synonymous with gambling and while he has been open about his gambling habits or his reasoning, and even urged people not to blindly follow what he does, the man has clearly inspired others to gamble as well. Which is precisely what his sponsors want and expect him to achieve.

Pokimane discussed the fan issue head-on. She calmly explained that gambling should not be allowed to thrive on Twitch, something that the Amazon-owned streaming giant addressed by moving the slots to their own separate category and prohibiting affiliate links on streams. She tried to understand the person who said that they had already lost $60,000 following Trainwreck’s streams “down the rabbit hole.”

Pokimane was curious to find out the person’s motivation and asked for more information as to why would anyone consider gambling still if they have already lost as much. She was curious about what the person intended to do moving forward and quickly offered rehab as an option.

Gambling clinics have become more prominent now that gambling has proliferated both in retail and over the Internet. She did not spare gambling anything and said that the entire industry was based on people losing money.

Seek Help When Addressing Gambling Addiction

Pokimane told the fan that they would most likely not be able to take on this burden alone and would be far better off accessing resources and people who are familiar with the issue and can help.

The end goal, she said, would be to eliminate gambling’s pernicious influence on the person’s life. Pokimane even suggested that the person should not watch streams altogether lest they end up watching a Trainwreck-like channel once again. This interaction led to a dedicated Reddit discussion which saw all arguments thrown around.

Some argued that the person’s addiction and financial loss were a direct result of Trainwreck’s streams. Others though were far more conservative in their views and argued that Trainwreck was just an entertainer and the person had made a choice to spend too heavily on his hobby. Some even suggested that the confession was bogus in order to make Trainwreck look bad. Trainwreck, though, makes “much more” than $1 million a month from streaming gambling.


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