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Trainwreck Assets He Makes “Much More” Than $1M a Month

Imagine the nerve on some people. This sums up Trainwreck’s reaction to a recent comment suggesting that he was making $1 million a month streaming slots on Twitch. Trainwreck took the mere suggestion as an affront.

“I’m not making $1 million a month, I am making much more. The – you mean $1 million a month? That was the first month, buddy. Do you see what I gamble with? I mix what I make and what I already have together, and I gamble raw. Now has that been smart for me? Absolutely – not.”

Twitch streamer Trainwreck

Trainwreck has been a famed gambling streamer on Twitch. He has also been a bit controversial for his preferred content. Most recently, the streamer hit a $10 million jackpot and hosted a $1 million giveaway as thanks to his supporters. As a reminder, the “slots” category on Twitch is one of the biggest on the platform.

Prior to that, though, the streamer’s name has surfaced in relation to websites that do not necessarily have a license to operate in the United States, but sites that he still played on. One such website was Stake.com. Trainwreck seems to be interested in the company and Stake.com has tweeted about the streamer:

Trainwreck has become known for picking Stake.com as one of his main preferred websites out there. His gambling is heady and it often involves $1,000 placed on single spins of a slot, which can easily turn into a dangerous sum for anyone who doesn’t have seven figures to their name.

To Gamble or Not to Gamble

Even though Trainwreck acknowledged that he had some issues supporting his gambling debt, he has not run out of money gambling so far becoming an almost immutable fixture in the gambling streaming landscape.

Trainwreck may have his fans but he also has his critics. Notable Twitch members have called him out on promoting “harmful content.” Other popular streamers felt remorse after promoting gambling and withdrew from the activity.

However, Trainwreck has been adamant in his pursuit of gambling. It’s not clear whether Trainwreck is in the black or in the red. What’s certain is that if you tune in to his channel, he will be there playing with amounts in a matter of minutes that most people earn in a month, year or longer.

In September, the streamer felt contrite about promoting gambling and said that he may choose to opt out of it. However, this has not come to pass and Trainwreck is happy chugging along.  


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