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Trainwrecks Lives to His Nickname with $13m Gambling Losses

Tyler Faraz Niknam, a.k.a ‘Trainwrecks’, came out in a rare moment of truth to reveal the extent of his gambling losses and sent a stern warning to anyone who believes excessive gambling is harmless, Dexerto reported.

Stream Gambling is Also Gambling

The revelation made by the popular Twitch gambling streamer on January 1, 2022 is the second following a message to his fans in July 2021 in which he revealed he had lost $2 million while gambling off stream. And what a difference the five-month period since his first revelation has made.

“Close to even? I’m still down 12.9 million dollars. That’s not close to even. That’s not even in the neighborhood of even.”

Tyler Faraz “Trainwrecks” Niknam

The reason behind the rare moment of truth for the popular Twitch streamer was his relative recent success helping him bring down nearly in half his total loss, which according to his estimations was quite a feat in relation to his bet size.

“In nine months, I’ve lost $22.9 million. It was really disgusting and bad. You don’t even understand. Like, all my friends knew, but I didn’t feel comfortable saying anything because those numbers are unfathomable.”

Tyler Faraz “Trainwrecks” Niknam

Further contemplating on his gambling record, Trainwrecks outlined the amount he had wagered merited a loss the size of his current one as this was just an example of “the reality of gambling” and how the statistics in the ratio between the amount wagered and the total loss worked.

Niknam, who had been labeled an “addict” by other popular Twitch streamers in the past, did not say anything about quitting his gambling behavior this time. Following his July revelation, Trainwrecks said he was considering putting an end to his gambling streams but apparently he did not do that.

‘Fresh Start’ with Generous Giveaway

Despite his mammoth gambling losses, 31-year old of Iranian descent Niknam did not lose the generous feature of his character. Following a jackpot win of $10 million, a win he considered to be a “fresh start” for him, he announced a $1 million giveaway to his viewers on the popular stream network.

Trainwrecks currently boasts 1.2 million followers on Twitch and the announcement of the million-dollar giveaway caused the giveaway site to crash after more than 27,000 of his followers tried to enter the draw.

Eventually, he had to switch the giveaway to another site and ended up splitting the winnings across multiple viewers, awarding some of his long-term viewers, but also some of his “haters,” as everyone who got their name drawn received thousands of dollars.

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