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PokerStars Veteran Moya Wilson Joins ACE Hollreiser as Director

Wilson will bolster the consultancy firm’s management team with her substantial PR and marketing experience, leveraging her diverse professional history

Moya Wilson, a seasoned professional with over seven years of experience at PokerStars, has embarked on a new journey, joining ACE Hollreiser as its director. Her transition to the Isle of Man-based business consultancy marks an exciting turn in her career. Wilson was present during a period of rapid growth for PokerStars and will likely look to recapture some of that winning formula.

Wilson Is a Seasoned Professional

Before joining PokerStars, Wilson had accumulated over 25 years of marketing expertise across various industries, creating a robust foundation for her professional growth. One of her most notable roles was at marketing and public relations service provider Ashgrove Marketing, where she worked as a senior account manager, bolstering her leadership experience.

Wilson commenced her tenure at PokerStars in December 2016, assuming the role of senior manager of consumer public relations. Her dedication and skillset quickly propelled her to Head of PR and Consumer Engagement in November 2022. Her understanding of public relations messaging and commitment to her clients’ needs made her a valuable addition to the PokerStars Team.

Her time at PokerStars saw Wilson play a pivotal role in several strategic initiatives, demonstrating her commitment to fostering inclusivity within the gaming community. Wilson was one of the primary driving forces behind PokerStars’ 2023 Women Bootcamp, helping diversify poker by giving more women the skills they need to enter the vertical.

PokerStars Remains a Market Leader

Wilson expressed her enthusiasm about this career shift, taking to LinkedIn to thank her colleagues at PokerStars. She expressed optimism for the future, as her new management position at ACE Hollreiser marks a significant professional advancement. While her new position as Director bears substantial responsibilities, Wilson’s extensive and diverse resume should give her all the tools to excel.

I am delighted to announce that after a fantastic 7 years at PokerStars, I have a new and really exciting challenge. I am starting a new position as Director at ACE Hollreiser!

Moya Wilson, ACE Hollreiser director

While Wilson’s departure from PokerStars sees another valuable talent leave the company, the operator should be able to adjust to this development and maintain its impressive momentum. PokerStars’ most recent collaboration saw it partner with casino games provider Play’n GO to provide an exclusive NHL-themed experience, expanding the company’s customer engagement efforts.

Wilson’s wealth of experience and her track record of successful initiatives position her as a valuable addition to ACE Hollreiser, bringing impressive knowledge and insights to the consultancy firm. Such movement of talent is invaluable to modern businesses and should hopefully allow both companies to excel and adapt to today’s rapidly changing economic realities.

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