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Poker Power and PokerStars Confirm the Return of Women’s Bootcamp

The event marks the second such activation that provides unique chance for women to access learning materials, strategies and insights for poker

PokerStars, in collaboration with Poker Power, announced the return of the 2023 PokerStars x Poker Power Women’s Bootcamp, a unique event that helps grow the number of female players of the game by providing unique learning techniques and chances for growth. This year marks the second edition of the event, and it follows the success of its debut last year.

Now, PokerStars confirmed that the event, which is for beginners only, opened its recruitment window on June 22, 2023. The recruitment will go through July 22, 2023, and the successful female applicants will be able to engage in unique tutorials and benefit from insights from some of the best female poker players around the world.

The 2023 Poker Stars Women’s Bootcamp starts on July 31, 2023, and will run through September 28, 2023. During that time, applicants will be able to take their first steps into the world of poker and gradually accumulate skills and strategies that can help them be more resilient and patient.

Overall, the Bootcamp has eight modules that focus on different aspects of poker. Besides learning strategies and skills related to poker, the inclusivity event can also help women become more decisive and improve their negotiation skills outside of the game.

The Event Helps Women Enter the World of Poker

Participants in the event will be able to access and learn from Poker Power instructors as well as the Poker Power Play app. PokerStars ambassadors, including Jennifer Shahade and Lali Tournier, among others, will also play a key role by delivering unique tips and insights. Additionally, Bootcamp participants will be able to access PokerStars Learn resources 24/7 which can help them further improve their skills.

Putting learned strategies and knowledge into practice, women will play within the PokerStars Home Games. “The Bootcamp will lead to a crescendo tournament whereby a final table of recruits will win an all-expenses paid trip to EPT Cyprus this October to take part in the PokerStars x Poker Power Women’s Bootcamp Showdown to compete further for a special package to EPT Prague this December,” explained PokerStars.

PokerStars shares our passion and commitment for the future of women in poker, so we are thrilled to be returning with our joint Bootcamp this year.

Erin Lydon, president of Poker Power

Erin Lydon, Poker Power’s president, explained that the company shares a passion with PokerStars to help more women enter the poker vertical. She said that it is thrilling to see the return of the unique Bootcamp event.

According to Lydon, this year’s event is expanded and will be able to reach more women. She pointed out that the Bootcamp will not only learn women how to play Texas Hold’em, but also teach them skills that can be used on a daily basis. Finally, Lydon said that she is looking forward to seeing more women grow within the poker sector thanks to skills from the Bootcamp.


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