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PokerStars’ New YouTube Show Unites Poker and Racing Enthusiasts

‘Between the Lines’ aims to bridge the gap between these two popular industries and appeal to a broader audience

The series builds upon PokerStars’ partnership with the Oracle Red Bull Racing team and will highlight the similarities between motor racing and poker play. By targeting fans of both sports, the company will showcase the shared values and skills that connect these two communities. ‘Between the Lines’ will feature four episodes, combining insightful interviews, thrilling challenges, and interactive content.

Both Sports Feature Tough Decisions

In March, PokerStars and Oracle Red Bull Racing extended their existing partnership, offering various awards for F1 aficionados, hopefully engaging fans of both communities. According to the operator’s recent report, its most recent YouTube documentary, ‘Between the Lines,’ will maintain these efforts, providing a unique perspective on the similarities between the two sports.

The series will compare the value of strategy in racing and poker, providing insights into the factors contributing to crucial decision-making in both sports. PokerStars director of partnerships & PR Rebecca McAdam noted that ‘Between the Lines’ would focus on the mental process behind the skills and strategies during the highlight moments in recent poker and racing history while engaging fans with promotions, experiences, and rewards.

Developing the…series… has given us such a brilliant opportunity to look back at some of the most pivotal moments in one of the teams’ most successful seasons and… our live event history.

Rebecca McAdam, PokerStars director of partnerships & PR

‘Between the Lines’ first episode will feature Monaco street circuit 2022 winner Sergio Perez, discussing the pivotal strategic decisions behind his victory. Members of the championship-winning team Hannah Schmitz, Hugh Bird, and Stephen Knowles, will also offer their commentary, joined by PokerStars ambassadors Lex Veldhuis, Sam Grafton, and other poker celebrities.

PokerStars Aims to Draw New Audiences

The first part of the series is already up on the PokerStars YouTube channel, with more episodes coming on 6 June, 20 June, and 4 July. PokerStars has taken the opportunity to introduce several new promotions, hoping to leverage the Oracle Red Bull Racing team’s popularity and onboard more people to its various online platforms.

‘Between the Lines’ reaches beyond the YouTube series, aiming to foster camaraderie among racing and poker enthusiasts. Creating a platform for fans to connect and engage with the show will encourage viewers to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for both industries, fostering camaraderie and mutual respect among fans.

Strategy sits at the heart of everything that we do here at Oracle Red Bull Racing, just as it does at the poker table. The series really drove home the synergies between the two sports.

Christian Horner, Oracle Red Bull Racing CEO, and team principal

The convergence of the racing and poker worlds marks a notable milestone for PokerStars. Despite recent drawbacks, the company continues to expand its reach, fostering high-profile partnerships and investing in innovative marketing strategies to engage and entertain its growing audience. Initiatives like ‘Between the Lines’ demonstrate the operator’s ability to make the most of every opportunity, ensuring its continued relevance.

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