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Judge Hurt, Marshal Hospitalized after Vegas Defendant’s Violent Attack

Judge Holthus was injured but her injuries did not require immediate treatment

Unfortunately, not all convicts take their sentences lightly. Deobra Delone Redden, 30, certainly didn’t, instead opting to assault the judge who denied him bail.

Redden was being sentenced for an earlier assault attempt where he assaulted another person with a baseball bat. He pled guilty to having caused substantial injuries in that case in November.

During the recent sentencing in Las Vegas, Redden said that he didn’t believe his crime was serious enough to warrant a prison sentence. However, he acknowledged that the judge has the final say in that matter.

Redden quickly contradicted himself as when Clark County District Judge Mary Kay Holthus handed him a prison sentence without probation, he exploded. Shouting “Oh, fuck that bitch,” Redden charged the judge and leaped across her desk.

The judge tried to move out of the way but was too slow and was taken down by the violent attacker. She was punched several times while on the ground. Other people in the courtroom, including a marshal and a law clerk, tried to help Holthus. Unfortunately, the marshal ended up with a wound on his forehead and a dislocated shoulder and had to be hospitalized.

Holthus was also injured although her injuries did not require immediate treatment.

There Will Be Consequences, Attorneys Say

The matter was later addressed by the Las Vegas District Court. Representatives praised everyone who rushed in to help Holthus and participated in the apprehension of the defendant. Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, meanwhile, condemned the violent behavior and noted that it will surely have consequences.

Speaking of consequences, Redden was transported to the Clark County Detention Center and slammed with two new charges because of his attacks. According to local news outlets, the man is now being accused of battery and battery of a protected person.

As it turns out, the alleged baseball bat assault and the attack on Holthus are not Redden’s first violent outbursts. The man previously served a sentence in Nevada after being convicted of domestic battery.


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