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ParlayBay CEO Patrick Nordwall: We Aim to Elevate and Revolutionize the Sports Betting Space

ParlayBay, a recently launched provider of newly developed innovative sports betting games, has been actively partnering with iGaming operators in a variety of markets as it builds up to introducing its portfolio to the industry.

The most recent tie-up with AzureTech guaranteed the company a stronger presence in the Asian iGaming market through local ties established by the Taiwan-based company.

A big focus of future efforts in the company’s strategy will lie in accessing further territories, and the most recent Asian pivot is an important step in this direction. We spoke with its Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Nordwall, to find out more about ParlayBay’s journey.

Why is Asia important to ParlayBay and what do you seek to achieve through your most recent partnership with AzureTech? 

Since we at ParlayBay have ambitions for global distribution, Asia is one important region in that respect. We truly believe our games based on real-time sports events have a global audience, not requiring any pre-skills to engage with fast in-play micro-bet markets.

Can you tell us about your sports betting games and how they complement into the traditional iGaming experience? 

We believe our games sit as a complement to traditional sportsbooks, but they will also attract a bigger audience, due to the way they easily engage and provide a fast and immersive user experience with instant gratification. It has the potential to create its own new vertical too, a little like when live casino was introduced to the iGaming industry. We aim to elevate and revolutionize the sports betting space.

What has the reaction to your products been like from players and operators and what do you believe are your biggest challenges in securing adoption on a grander scale?

Our first releases and real money gaming are set for late summer, so it’s a bit early to draw conclusions. But we have already received very favorable feedback that we have developed a unique product, which the industry has been looking for to make sports betting easier to access and play for a broader player base. Then, of course, distribution and a rapid time to market are key.

Can you tease some of the next big moves we can expect from ParlayBay this year?

We aim to be first out in introducing ground-breaking promotional tool packages for our games later this year, often seen in online casinos but not heard of in the sports betting space. We’ve also got high hopes for our revolutionary Esport games due to be launched later this year.


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