SIS Launches 24/7 Competitive CS:GO Esports Product

Sports Information Service (SIS) has launched multi-channel and end-to-end around-the-clock coverage of Counter-Strike (CS:GO). The esports betting product is covered around the clock and is now part of the Competitive Gaming company portfolio, which is available to third-party interested in providing their audiences with betting odds and fixtures on CS:GO.

SIS Launches Competitive CS:GO Esports Product

The new product addition was developed in-house at the gaming studios in Manchester, UK, the product will provide partner sportsbooks with a quick and reliable read of esports CS:GO contests, factoring in the pace of play, players’ performance, and more to deliver the most accurate and worthwhile reads of each competitive event.

SIS is confident that the product has been developed in a way that will enable sportsbooks to achieve superior margins and leverage the product with customers interested in placing a wager on the outcome of CS:GO event. SIS will cover 25,000 such events at present time. SIS head of competitive gaming Adam Conway welcomed the opportunity:

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our 24/7 CS:GO esports product, which has been designed for betting, and provides a best-in-class, high integrity, high-quality product that delivers round-the-clock betting opportunities for the most popular esports title in the world.

SIS head of competitive gaming Adam Conway

SIS will cover its own dedicated two-versus-two contests for CS:GO which ensures that the company can guarantee the integrity of each individual event. SIS is a trend-setter in the market as it has worked closely with the Esports Integrity Coalition and undergone vital match-fixing training to ensure that every contest is monitored and communicated to traders and operators in real time.

Operators Stand to Benefit from Superior Margins

SIS is bringing a number of pre-match and in-play betting opportunities. The company prides itself on ultra-low latency in live streaming, meaning that esports fans will be able to follow the action without delay. The company features various betting prompts, such as player stats, results and live commentary.

The betting odds are provided as a result of closer collaboration with, a supplier of betting fixtures that is working with the company. The SIS Competitive Gaming software is integrated simply and features additional contests, such as e-soccer and e-basketball. There are more than 150,000 events covered this way.

Conway is confident that the CS:GO product provided by SIS is top quality and will guarantee excellent business opportunities for operators.

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