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Optimove Named Scott McNabb VP of Sales for the Americas

Optimove, a customer relationship management software company, has reinforced its team by appointing Scott McNabb as vice president of revenue for the Americas. He will support the company with his experience, helping it grow its business in the region.

McNabb Brings Over Two Decades of Experience

What made McNabb perfect for the role is his extensive expertise in the field. Optimove noted that he has more than 20 years of experience in creating and executing revenue generation models and will be a crucial asset to the company’s growth strategy.

McNabb’s career includes tenures in multiple tech-oriented companies. He has worked for the IT and IT consulting company IBM for almost six years, serving as its director of sales. He has served as the senior vice president of sales at the analytics company Webtrends and as the vice president of enterprise at the software company Eloqua. McNabb has served for almost four years as the vice president of sales for the Americas at Oracle and two years as the vice president of enterprise sales for the Americas at Integrate.

McNabb’s recent experience includes shorter stints in financial positions at various companies. In 2021, he became the senior vice president of global sales at Exponea (now acquired by Bloomreach). In September of that same year, McNabb moved to Bluemark where he served as the head of sales for seven months. He is currently serving as one of FuelTrust’s directors.

As a part of Optimove, McNabb will leverage his experience to help the company capitalize on the opportunities in the American markets and improve its business.

Yakuel Said McNabb Will Play an Important Role

McNabb is thankful for his time in Exponea, which taught him many important lessons. He is now looking forward to applying his vast expertise as a member of Optimove.

McNabb is reassured in his knowledge of the software as a service sector. He said that he is delighted to join Optimove and looks forward to playing a major role in the company’s quick growth across the Americas. McNabb lauded Optimove as a “next-gen” company:

“Having been at the forefront of the sales of many different brands, I can safely say that Optimove is a company with next-generation, game-changing AI technology, and excellent prospects.”

Pini Yakuel, Optimove’s founder and chief executive, is glad to welcome McNabb on board, adding that he will play a key role in the company’s future sales operations. Yakuel praised McNabb’s unrivaled experience and knowledge and said that he will be a valuable addition to the team.

Yakuel concluded that the addition of someone as experienced as McNabb attests to Optimove’s dedication to quality and its drive to be one step ahead of the curve compared to its competitors.


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