January 21, 2022 3 min read


PressEnter Signs Optimove Agreement to Upgrade Its Marketing

Malta-based casino operator PressEnter has recently entered an agreement with the top-tier CRM marketing platform, Optimove. The deal would assist the operator with its plans to drive more growth using CRM solutions based on Artificial Intelligence mapping.

PressEnter Continues Its Ascend in the Industry

PressEnter entered the gambling industry in 2018, and its bold approach has helped it deliver outstanding products and excellent sustainable practices made visible by the brands it operates, including Ultra Casino, Rapid Casino, Neon Vegas Casino, 21.com, and Just Spin. In an attempt to take its marketing to a new level and automate all of its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes, PressEnter has decided to use Optimove’s mapping CRM solutions that use Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Mapping software enables salespeople to rely on CRM data for customers and prospects for better route planning. The same software is also used to improve the management of new and current sales territories. With the help of AI mapping, CRM data mapping is done at a faster pace and more accurately via machine learning. By bringing together data mapping predictions with data libraries, intelligent data maps are created a lot quicker and with more ease. These are the advantages that PressEnter is looking to harness by partnering with AI-mapping CRM expert Optimove.

The new deal would help the Group better manage its hundreds of different segments of players while implementing better real-time marketing campaigns spread across different channels. PressEnter would also do a better job at determining the exact incremental value of each interaction with a targeted player. Combined, these solutions would help the operator take its one-of-a-kind retention strategy a few steps further. Ultimately, with the help of more automated processes and AI-based solutions, PressEnter will effectively trigger and improve player lifetime value.

Both Partners Happy with the Deal

The Group’s CEO, Lahcene Merzoug, has expressed interest in a more aggressive marketing strategy that would trigger faster growth in existing and new markets with potentially receptive players. Optimove has proven to be the right partner to help the operator reach these goals. 

Optimove’s General Manager for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Moshe Demri, has expressed the company’s delight to be selected by the operator to support its expansion efforts further.

Acknowledging the unparalleled competition in the iGaming industry, Demri also stated that operators need to use state-of-the-art CRM marketing solutions to drive the growth they want to see. Optimove is ready to offer PressEnter highly sophisticated solutions based on advanced AI that would help promote fully-customized player experiences.

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