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OptiKPI CEO Johnson Irudayaraj: “We Use Automation to Drive Value, Create Tailored Products, Evolve with Regulation and Bring More Creativity in iGaming”

OptiKPI is a marketing automation platform that specializes in iGaming campaigns and creates responsible and sustainable strategies for the businesses involved in the industry. The company focuses on driving revenue that comes with higher customer satisfaction and delivering the right products to the right crowd – while keeping its customers compliant across all jurisdictions.

OptiKPI is a multi-jurisdiction iGaming marketing automation tool built specifically to create responsible, laser-targeted campaigns. Its purpose is to maximize player engagement and to drive sustainable operator revenues. Its success is its simplicity, and the fact it’s easy to manage in real-time, fast to set up, and easy to personalize.  Through dynamic reporting, OptiKPI is capable of ensuring that its offer is on-point and meets player and business needs.

The company has developed an advanced risk management tool to ensure that its offer is compliant with local regulations and puts businesses on par with legal norms. The platform architecture is designed to manage risk versus reward across the spectrum of multiple gaming jurisdictions. Real-time dynamic reporting using simple and effective dashboards provides operators with meaningful and actionable insights at every level of the business. 

To discuss how automation can improve marketing results and comply with local regulations, we have turned to OptiKPI CEO Johnson Irudayaraj.

Q: Is marketing automation the way forward for iGaming operators? What are the specific advantages automation provides?

A: As the iGaming market continues to expand and new jurisdictions continue to open around the world, the needs of operators have evolved along with it. Ambitious operators serving multiple jurisdictions are using up vital resources on compliance processes, content localization, and specialized offers for various markets.

Through the power of automation, we have harnessed the ability to streamline these business-critical activities, freeing up valuable resources needed to drive growth sustainably into the future. Being able to engage your customers in real-time has become a necessity for operators hoping to keep ahead of the curve and stay competitive. The dynamic nature of online gaming means that there is a wealth of useful customer data available for gaming brands to leverage.

Utilizing powerful automated marketing tools such as the solutions we provide at OptiKPI means that marketeers can remove time-consuming processes and shift towards the use of data to pinpoint problem gambling in real-time. This will help to create a safer environment for your players and allow your marketing team to concentrate more on creating the right customer offers instead of using up vital time managing them.

Q: Has OptiKPI found it challenging to keep pace with automation when so many jurisdictions around the world are pressing on with big changes in their iGaming regulation?

A: We think it’s great that the iGaming industry is expanding so quickly, creating new opportunities in markets all over the world. However, as we all know, this growth is inevitably accompanied by increased regulation. Rather than a challenge, we actually see it as an opportunity for OptiKPI. As big jurisdictional changes continue to roll out, this will only help to highlight to operators the importance of managing their marketing processes more efficiently and maximizing ROI from spend.

At OptiKPI, we know that gaming regulation has always been liquid and we’ve tailored our solutions with this in mind. By applying a risk-based system, we’re able to create simple tools that facilitate automation rules to be applied in real-time. Our modular framework allows any changes caused by regulation to be immediately and seamlessly updated in the software.

OptiKPI is built for iGaming specifically. We understand the nuances of gaming customer behavior as well as the needs of the busy marketing teams. Having this adaptability means that we see the regulatory environment as a great chance to create even more value for operators and provide a safe, compliant experience for players to enjoy.

Q: How do players benefit from automated marketing messages?

A: Creating the most enjoyable and safe experience for players is a continuous objective for OptiKPI. By optimizing, personalizing, and measuring customer engagement through dynamic marketing tools, we are able to create personalized marketing and communications activities that are in perfect harmony with your players’ activity preferences and behavioral traits. This ensures your customers will more likely have positive experiences when interacting with your brand. Resulting in our clients experiencing revenue uplifts of more than 30%.

Today’s consumers expect quick, up-to-the-minute information on demand. Through utilizing our robust marketing platform, operators are able to import player data from a variety of touchpoints in real-time. This enables you, the operator, to instantaneously adjust communications according to player behavior and give the player what they want exactly when they want it. Keeping your brand up in line with the expectations of the modern digital consumer.

Q: How does OptiKPI see the future of iGaming with marketing automation? Are we going to see a completely different industry in the future because of tailored solutions?

A: We at OptiKPI are very excited about the future of the iGaming market. Marketing automation has many different applications that have the potential to change the gaming landscape forever.

The speed and flexibility of dynamic marketing personalized to individual players will improve productivity exponentially. As more operators switch to automated marketing processes, vital resources are freed up and can be used in more creative ways. We believe this will help to encourage innovation in the industry as brands will have more opportunities to experiment and test new ideas on their players.

One of the most important changes to the industry it will bring is a general increase in customer lifetime value and loyalty. No longer will brands feel the urge to compete solely on the number of bonuses they can offer, which is essentially, just a race to the bottom, lowering margins for everyone. Instead, customers are given a customized experience that will organically increase retention and ensure sustainable growth going forward.

There are many elements that will contribute to the sustainability and general dynamics of our market in the future, but we believe tech solutions such as OptiKPI will play a key role in this continuous campaign.

Q: What is your biggest challenge in 2021?

A: In 2021, our biggest challenge has ironically been our biggest opportunity too!

The global iGaming market has seen an incredible boom over the last year and this is expected to continue well into the future with industry reports forecasting a CAGR of 11.94% during the period, 2021-2026.

With so many new players online, the opportunities for growth are enormous but it also means we need to be able to scale up efficiently. Acquiring many new players simultaneously comes with increased risk. It’s imperative that a scale-up in operations doesn’t dilute the quality of service offered to customers. Rapid scaling can be a challenge and a strain on resources initially, but we have developed a robust, intelligent piece of software capable of handling this level of activity.

We’re looking forward to the rest of the year, helping operators to provide maximum value and shaping a better gaming environment for everyone in 2021 and beyond.


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