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OpenBet Strengthens RG Commitment with Neccton Acquisition

The global Endeavor network is about to become much safer owing to one of its member companies’ major acquisition move in the industry

OpenBet, a leading content platform and service provider for the sports betting industry, has made an important announcement, having secured Neccton, a responsible gambling specialist that develops anti-money laundering, fraud detection, and RG technology.

OpenBet Secures Neccton to Bolster Global RG Standards

Through this acquisition, Neccton will be in a position to further strengthen its reach in responsible gambling and make sure that it provides its services to more operators and protect their audiences. Neccton is fully committed to elevating responsible gambling standards across the board, which will now be possible through the new deal that will significantly amplify the solution’s reach.

OpenBet has a string of clients it offers products to that will also benefit from Neccton’s advanced RG, fraud detection and AML solutions, including companies such as Sky Bet, DraftKings, Entain, FanDuel, Loto Québec, the BCLC and others. Commenting on this acquisition, OpenBet CEO Jordan Levin said:

Since the birth of online sports betting, OpenBet has been at the forefront of creating compelling and safe entertainment experiences built on solid technology foundations. We thrive on solving the most complex challenges our industry presents, and OpenBet’s acquisition of Neccton takes our commitment to player protection and AML to the next level.

OpenBet CEO Jordan Levin

Neccton is a truly pioneering piece of software and company, led by Dr Michael Auer and Andreas Schneeberger who have spent 15 years studying problem gambling and creating software solutions based on extensive analysis of big data, allowing the company to become a true leader in the provision of powerful solutions.

Presently, Neccton’s tech is used in 30 countries and the company’s products are part of 60 billion transactions, analyzing millions of real-money activity streams for players all over the globe. Neccton has been able to significantly consolidate its presence in Europe and North America, and it continues to expand its offer rapidly across the board.

Improving Safeguards in Gambling Industry Is Imperative

Levin spoke highly of Neccton and what the solutions provided by the company could mean for partner operators. He also warned that the regulated gambling industry has faced cumulative penalties to the tune of $250 million in 2022 alone, prompting companies such as Betsson to seek and integrate Neccton preemptively.

As standards toughen, however, so do companies wish to come better prepared when it comes to AML, fraud detection, and responsible gaming activities. The executive hailed the significant success of Neccton in providing a reliable safeguard against these issues.

Speaking of the deal, Dr Auer himself managing director at Neccton, said that the world’s biggest problem with gambling can be solved through a combination of advanced software and scientific research. “Our vision is to have Neccton technology deployed by the industry’s leading brands and shaping regulatory standards,” he concluded.


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