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New Jersey Senate Advances Bill to Extend Online Gambling

In a move that could have significant implications for the gambling industry in New Jersey, the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee advanced legislation sponsored by Senator Vince Polistina

The bill, known as S-3075, which supports and extends the use of online gambling by casinos aims to extend the authorization of online gaming services through 2033, providing stability and continued growth for the state’s gambling industry.

Republican Senator Highlights Economic Benefits of Online Gambling in Push for Authorization Extension

Senator Vince Polistina, a Republican representing District 2, emphasized the positive impact that the legalization of online gambling has had on the struggling casinos in the aftermath of the Great Recession. He pointed out that internet gaming has not only created numerous well-paying jobs but also generated millions of dollars in tax revenues for the state. By extending the authorization for online gambling, the legislation seeks to build upon this success and ensure the industry’s future prosperity.

Online casino gambling was first legalized in New Jersey in 2013, but the initial authorization was granted for a ten-year period, set to expire in November 2023. Over the past decade, online gambling has proven to be a significant driver of economic growth, job creation, and responsible gambling in the state, benefiting both residents and tourists.

If the bill is ultimately passed, it would extend the authorization for online gambling for another ten years, until 2033. The move is expected to solidify New Jersey’s position at the forefront of the evolving gambling industry and recognize the integral role that the Internet plays in shaping the success of casinos in the state.

New Jersey Takes Steps to Extend Online Gambling with Bills Advancing in Senate and Assembly

The positive trend of internet gambling in New Jersey is already evident, with the industry reporting impressive figures. In April alone, online gambling brought in nearly $159 million, marking a year-on-year increase of over 16%. This profitability has continued to rise, even as in-person gambling in Atlantic City has slowed down.

The bill’s advancement in the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee marks a significant step forward, but it is not the only effort to extend online gambling in New Jersey. A similar bill has also been introduced in the Assembly and has been referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. The Assembly bill, co-sponsored by Assembly members Don Guardian and Claire Swift, both Republicans representing Atlantic City, aims to support the extension of online gambling in the state.

In May, legislation was also proposed in New Jersey to address the rise in gambling addiction among college students. The bill, which requires schools to prominently display a gambling addiction hotline, aims to raise awareness and provide support.

The proposed legislation came at a time when the relationship between college athletics and sports betting is being closely examined, with incidents and reports highlighting the need for responsible gambling practices in the industry. Another bill introduced in May saw the state of New Jersey shift its approach to underage gambling by proposing legislation that aims to provide help and support instead of punishment for young individuals struggling with gambling addiction, allowing judges to consider treatment options rather than issuing fines.


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