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Betsson Incorporates Neccton’s Mentor Solution into Betsafe

Betsson said that this agreement attests to its commitment to safer gambling and anti-money laundering

Neccton, a one-stop shop analytical application for iGaming suppliers, will provide the gambling juggernaut Betsson with anti-money laundering (AML) and responsible gambling (RG) tools. The deal will provide the operator’s players in Ontario with a higher degree of safety while preventing financial fraud.

As agreed, Neccton will leverage its mentor monitoring solution. The cutting-edge software is designed to identify suspicious player behavior in real-time and communicate its findings to both the player and the operator. Thus, Betsson’s Betsafe brand will be able to identify early signs of problem gambling and intervene on time.

Mentor usually contacts players directly, sending them automated messages if their deposit frequency has significantly increased. A drastic change in betting behavior is usually associated with problem gambling and is often a sign that the player requires further care. The mentor solution is also capable to identify a variety of other red flags that tend to signpost gambling harm.

Under the agreement with Neccton, Betsson will also leverage mentor’s AML module, which is capable of identifying when financial fraud is taking place. The solution complies with all the necessary regulations in Europe, Ontario and a variety of other regulated markets. It is customized on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis and can be further configured to suit the needs of Neccton’s partnering operators.

Mentor’s Creator Is Happy to Work with Another High Profile Operator

Mentor is based on the research of Dr Michael Auer, Neccton’s head of development. The acclaimed solution leverages Auer’s 15+ years of experience and is a one-stop solution that covers operators’ AML, RG, CRM and Fraud needs. Because of that, mentor is now used by many of the biggest gambling companies in Europe.

Auer himself commented on the agreement with Betsson, lauding the opportunity to work with another world-class operator. According to him, this deal validates Neccton’s approach and Betsson’s dedication to protecting its customers from harm.

Auer concluded that he and the rest of the team are delighted to welcome a customer of Betsson’s caliber to the Neccton family.

Marina Bogard, Betsson Group’s managing director for North America, also shared her feelings about the agreement.

Betsson takes anti-money laundering and responsible gaming very seriously and we are committed to providing the safest and most efficient platform and experience for our players.

Marina Bogard, MD NA, Betsson Group

Bogard added that she is thrilled by the opportunity to incorporate Neccton’s best-in-class solution into Betsafe’s platform, providing players with extra confidence and security.


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