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Okada Returns to the Philippines to Show He Is Not Afraid

Kazuo Okada, a Japanese businessman and the founder of the Okada Manila resort and casino has returned to the Philippines, contrary to his lawyers’ advice. Okada says his move is meant to show that he is not afraid of the Philippine authorities because he is the just one.

Okada Returned to the Philippines

Kazuo Okada was involved in the controversial takeover of the Okada Manila resort. This May, a status quo ante order by the Supreme Court of the Philippines reinstated the businessman to the property’s board of directors. Soon after, Okada forcefully took over the venue, which sparked lengthy legal proceedings.

Eventually, the Philippines Department of Justice ruled that the takeover was in breach of the law and charged Okada and some of his compatriots over their actions. As a result, Okada’s lawyers feared that he might be detained upon his return to the Philippines.

Yet, despite the warnings, Okada boarded flight JL 77 and returned to the country.

The Businessman Is Not Afraid

When the businessman arrived, he released a statement about his return. Okada said he “has nothing to fear” and believes he is standing “on the right side of the law.” His return to the Philippines is a way for him to show that he hasn’t given up on the battle over Okada Manila and will continue to fight back.

Okada noted that he wants to show the whole world that he is not afraid to continue standing against the authorities which, according to him, wrongfully reprimanded him and his associates.  

Okada concluded that he won’t stand the intimidation tactics of his opponents. Despite the relentless pressure from Hajime Tokuda, director of Universal Entertainment and Tiger Resorts Asia, Okada is hellbent on continuing his responsibilities as chairman of TRLEI. Thanks to the Court of Appeals’ status quo ante, Okada is now firmly occupying the role despite Universal Entertainment’s disgruntlement. He added that he will post bail for his temporary freedom.

Okada vowed to fight against the people who “made a fool out of him” and “robbed him in Okada Manila.” He promised that his legal team will do everything in its power to jail the enemies, who wrongly slandered him and accused him of things he hasn’t done.

The Okada Manila saga is more than half a year in the making. While some believed PAGCOR’s order would be the end of it, it seems like Kazuo Okada isn’t ready to give up yet.  


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