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NOVOMATIC Enjoys 13.6% Brand Value Increase, Continues to Grow

The latest Austrian Brand Value Study recognized NOVOMATIC had the highest brand value increase in 2023, growing by 13.6% for a single year

Each year, the Austrian Brand Value Study evaluates businesses and companies in the country, compiling a top 10 list. Within the 2023 ranking, some 180 Australian brands and companies within 16 different industries were probed. The latest Austrian Brand Value Study by the European Brand Institute ranked the leading international provider of gaming technology, NOVOMATIC, among the most valuable brands in the country.

NOVOMATIC ranked second within the new list and also achieved fourth place in the Sustainable Brand Ranking with an AAA rating. The latest ranking recognizes the company’s commitment to growth, dedication to strategic corporate responsibility, as well as ESG programs. In fact, the top 10 most valuable brands list acknowledged NOVOMATIC’s brand value increase of 13.6% for a single year, the most out of any of the brands on the list.

NOVOMATIC ranks second among the country’s most valuable brand companies in the current Austrian Brand Value Study of the European Brand Institute (EBI) and also achieves an excellent 4th place in the Sustainable Brand Ranking with an AAA rating,

reads a statement released by NOVOMATIC

The Company Continues to Grow

Johannes Gratzl, NOVOMATIC’s executive board member, shared his excitement about the latest recognition. He explained that the recognition reaffirms the success of the company’s sustainable corporate strategy and commitment to responsible growth and expansion. “Sustainable brands create trust and are an important basis for our business success against the background of the increasing importance of the sustainability dimension,” outlined Gratzl in conclusion.

The excellent rankings in both the brand value and the sustainable brand ranking once again prove the success of our sustainable corporate strategy, according to which success can only be achieved by embracing our responsibility.

Johannes Gratzl, executive board member at NOVOMATIC

Around the globe, the company has approximately 23,900 employees. What’s more, NOVOMATIC has a presence in more than 100 countries, and it is famous as the leading gaming technology group for the Old Continent which increased its brand value to €3.45 billion ($3.74 billion). The only company that leads NOVOMATIC within the new top 10 Austrian brands list was the globally-recognized Red Bull.

Earlier this year, NOVOMATIC was recognized for its innovative products in the latest edition of GAT Cartagena. At the leading event for the Latin American market, the company announced the launch of its innovative NOVOVISION casino management system featuring unique biometric technology.


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