June 30, 2023 3 min read


VIXIO Embraces Innovation with Its Newest Data Hub Service

The innovative platform will provide businesses with comprehensive and real-time data, enhancing their strategic planning and analysis processes

With the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory requirements, businesses must increasingly rely on external tools to remain compliant with regulations and make informed decisions. VIXIO’s newest solution bolsters high-level decision-making, analyzing available data to improve planning efforts and highlight potentially hidden business opportunities.

The New Solution Answers Rising Market Challenges

VIXIO Regulatory Intelligence is a leading data provider for the gambling and payments industries, enabling businesses worldwide to navigate the increasingly complex modern regulatory challenges. The company’s forward-looking mindset drives it to constantly refine its platform and services to remain relevant despite rising global uncertainty.

The VIXIO Data Hub represents the company’s newest strategic planning and analysis portal. Live updates to relevant regulatory parameters will help partnering businesses remain compliant and better prepare for expansion into new jurisdictions. By consolidating relevant data into a user-friendly interface, the VIXIO Data Hub empowers companies with timely and accurate information critical to their strategic planning.

Global gambling companies can most benefit from this service, accessing over 400 data sets and 4 million data points from regulated markets. Proprietary forecasting tools allow users to generate accurate predictions, basing their growth strategies on up-to-date legislative or market developments. VIXIO’s team of leading analysts is also an expert at quickly identifying market trends, allowing operators to capitalize on potential opportunities before the competition.

Tightening Regulations Necessitate Enhanced Monitoring

Rapidly changing regulations can often catch operators unaware, resulting in potential breaches that can lead to significant fines and tarnish the company’s reputation. This problem is especially prevalent with companies operating in multiple jurisdictions, often sporting distinct regulatory challenges. Such a rapidly evolving landscape has caused many companies to seek third-party assistance, relying on professionals like VIXIO to track relevant changes and reveal new opportunities.

A recent GamblingNews interview with VIXIO senior gambling industry analyst Joe Ewens revealed the company’s stance on the upcoming UK white paper and the rising compliance burden on operators. He noted that such significant changes to a well-developed gaming market would undoubtedly cause local disturbances but were part of a worldwide push toward tightening regulations.

The reality is that all of the planned changes are just the latest developments in a story of tightening regulation over the past few years.

Joe Ewens, VIXIO senior gambling industry analyst

The VIXIO Data Hub’s launch marks an important milestone for regulatory intelligence solutions. Organizations can use this newest tool to ensure compliance and make informed decisions in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. The growing need for comprehensive data coverage and advanced analytics capabilities means more operators will gravitate towards such third-party solutions, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and confidently achieve their objectives.

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