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New Hampshire Lottery Integrates IWG iLottery Game

Instant Win Gaming (IWG) has announced that the New Hampshire Lottery will integrate the company’s online jackpot-enabled games.

Another Win for Instant Win Gaming

Instant Win Gaming (IWG) has announced that New Hampshire has officially decided to integrate the company’s online jackpot-enabled games into its Lottery.

IWG is a leading supplier of online instant win games for Lotteries. So far, the company has launched over 250 innovative online titles designed with customer satisfaction in mind.

New Hampshire gambling and gaming enthusiasts can now play IWG’s Jungle Tumble Jackpots. The game holds a total of three potential jackpots awarded at different intervals. The design is streamlined for use specifically by lotteries.

The three jackpots include:

  • A small low-reward jackpot that is handed out multiple times during the day
  • A mid-tier jackpot awarded to lucky players once every week
  • And finally, a top-tier reward that players can look forward to once a month

Jungle Tumble Jackpot is the first game to use IWG’s new progressive jackpot technology. The module is entirely contained in IWG’s own Remote Gaming Server (RGS), which simplifies the integration process. Part of the reason why is that the Lottery itself does not need to invest any additional technical support to maintain the game.

This is not the first IWG game to be integrated into the New Hampshire Lottery. Earlier last year, the state incorporated several of IWG’s other online lottery titles, which proved highly profitable for the Lottery. The games’ success has now paved the way for jackpot-enabled games, which hold an even higher profit promise.

In a related bit of good news, Alabama may potentially consider legalizing lottery in the future.

New Hampshire Lottery Executive Director Charlie McIntyre has lauded the success of IWG’s games. According to him, the incorporation of the developer’s progressive jackpot-enabled e-Instant games will open up the Lottery to an even broader audience range.

IWG CEO Rhydian Fisher has noted that the success of the company’s titles highlights its focus on quality. He also applauded New Hampshire for becoming one of the first states to incorporate IWG’s innovative product offering.

In closing, Mr. Fisher said he was confident that this move would deliver great results for the New Hampshire Lottery.

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