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Netherlands Coalition Agreement Pushes for 37.8% Gambling Tax

The proposed gambling tax rate change was included in the budgetary appendix of the agreement that received approval from four parties

Over the last few years, the Dutch gambling sector has undergone extensive changes. Last summer, lawmakers voted in favor of an untargeted gambling advertising ban. The rules effectively prohibited advertising by gambling operators via TV and radio. Moreover, the ban extended to print media, collaborations with sports organizations and even outdoor advertising.

Now, further changes are picking up speed in the Netherlands. This time, the gambling tax rate is in the sights of lawmakers in the European country.

Back in November, several political parties in the Netherlands confirmed their intention to support an increase in the tax rate. At the time, it was estimated that the potential increase would result in between €200 million ($217.3 million) and €400 million ($434.5 million) in extra gambling tax revenue.

In a late Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning debate, a handful of Dutch parties greenlighted a coalition agreement that proposed an increase in the gambling tax rate. Currently, the Netherlands taxes gambling at 30.5% but under the proposed change, the tax rate may be increased to 37.8%, provided that the coalition agreement is enforced.

As announced by CasinoNieuws, the coalition agreement received the support of the PVV, BBB, NSC and VVD. The proposed changes to the tax rate were described within the budgetary appendix of the coalition agreement that was greenlighted by the four parties. Ultimately, the proposed amendment is expected to contribute €202 million ($219.4 million) in extra gambling tax revenue annually.

The Coalition Agreement Was Approved after a Heated Debate

Negotiations continued for hours between lawmakers before the coalition agreement was greenlighted. Per the information from CasinoNieuws, PVV gave the first green light at approximately 7:30 PM. Then, a couple of hours later, the BBB agreed to the proposal while shortly after, it was also approved by the NSC. The final approval came from the VVD at approximately 11:40 PM. Before 2:00 AM, the agreement was given to the House Speaker. A presentation of the agreement, titled “Hope, Courage and Pride” is expected at some point today.

Besides the potential increase in gambling tax, the Netherlands is considering a ban on online gambling advertising, as well as high-risk games. The proposed changes seek to extend the gambling advertising ban and prohibit such ads online. Additionally, the proposed legislative changes seek to prohibit high-risk games, including slots or other games where the customers do not have control over the outcome.


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