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Police in Bangkok Arrest OnlyFans Model for Promoting Gambling

The police arrested a 23-year-old Thai OnlyFans model and internet personality under charges of promoting illegal gambling and encouraging followers to play via social media accounts

A well-known 23-year-old OnlyFans (OF) Thai model has been put under arrest in Bangkok for allegedly persuading people to engage in illegal forms of online gambling, according to the Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB).

Lalada was arrested by MPB officers at her condominium in Lat Phrao, Bangkok for allegedly promoting and encouraging online gambling using her Instagram and Facebook accounts in exchange for a 20,000 baht ($552) remuneration for every new batch of 30 ads that she posted. 

The Police Monitored the OnlyFan Model’s Activity 

The investigation, which was ordered by police major general Thiti Saengsawang, was carried out by a team led by police colonel Teeradech Thammasuthee

Other team members included police lieutenant colonel Kiattisak Sarathong-oi, police lieutenant colonel Wichit Thirakhajornwong, police lieutenant Krithawat Khunin, and police lieutenant Pratchaya Kotsakha.

The police closely monitored Lalada’s activities online before her arrest, showing particular interest in her frequent social media posts directing her followers to two gambling sites online. 

The posts often featured a Line ID tag that the OF model used to place under the comments sections. The respective tag was used to attract more engagement from her fans and followers. 

One of the investigating officers explained the OnlyFans star was encouraging people to join online casinos like Omega9 using her posts.

After collecting enough proof and information and getting a search warrant from the Criminal Court on May 15, the police entered Lalada’s condominium with the respective warrant. 

There, they discovered and discovered an iPhone 15 Pro Max which belonged to the suspect, and which was used to promote gambling activities. 

The Suspect Admitted to all Charges 

During the questioning that followed, the OF star admitted to being the owner and operator of the respective social media accounts. 

She also openly acknowledged her position as a promoter of online gambling since 2018, admitting that she has been “encouraging people to participate in online gambling.”

Additionally, Lalada disclosed that the two gambling websites she had tied with were paying her for her bulk posts.

The police officially charged the OF model with organizing, advertising, and encouraging illegal forms of gambling, informing her of her legal rights and all the charges brought against her.

After admitting to all the charges, Lalada acknowledged her rights, according to KhaoSod.

Shortly after her arrest, police officers documented the incident and transferred her to Lalada Chokchai Metropolitan Police Station where additional legal action will be taken against her.

Earlier this week, the Advertising Standards Authority clamped down on a Cheltenham Festival ad on X (former Twitter) which featured a popular OnlyFans model who was also 23 at the time the ad was published. 

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