October 12, 2022 2 min read


NeoPollard Strikes Content Partnership with Georgia Lottery

NeoPollard Interactive has signed a new agreement with the Georgia Lottery and the company will deliver dedicated game content to the operator. To this end, the company will use its remote gaming server. The partnership was immediately welcomed by both entities, outlining the potential of the partnership in a press release.

NeoPollard Backs Georgia Lottery in Pursuit of Initiatives

NeoPollard Interactive co-CEO Doug Pollard hailed the opportunity to be working with the Georgia Lottery and the chance to further expand the firm’s reach in the delivery of advanced games. He said:

NeoPollard Interactive’s exciting and engaging game content will help the lottery appeal to a wider demographic of players by offering more options to play online and more reasons to keep coming back.

NeoPollard Interactive co-CEO Doug Pollard

Pollard added that the company was excited to help the lottery operator in generating additional revenue for the initiatives that it supported, which in its case were focused on various educational programs in the country. He was joined by NeoPollard co-CEO Moti Malul who argued that Georgia Lottery will benefit from NeoGames Studio’s robust content offering and solutions. He continued:

Our NeoGames Studio consistently delivers top-performing game titles in the North American market, and we are excited by the opportunity to partner with one of the longest-operating iLottery programs in the United States.

NeoPollard co-CEO Moti Malul

NeoPollard Interactive has had success providing its content and games to various lotteries around the world. In the United States, the company’s products have been particularly popular in at least several states and counting.

NeoPollard Launched in North America in 2022

NeoPollard products are available in Michigan, New Hampshire, Virginia, and elsewhere, attesting to the strong global reach and overall excellence of the titles developed by NeoPollard.

At the beginning of the year, NeoPollard signed another landmark partnership with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) in Alberta. The deal with the Alberta Lottery marked NeoPollard’s first digital content expansion in the North American market.


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