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MLB to Introduce Oculus VR Live Baseball Streams from MLB.tv

Through a new digital deal, Major League Baseball allows Oculus Rift users to get an upper-hand in watching MLB games, reference statistics and have an in-depth look over the 60-game 2020 MLB season.

Oculus Rift Now Allows You to Stream MLB Games Live

Major League Baseball (MLB) has launched a new streaming service app for baseball fans through the Oculus Quest-supported virtual reality (VR) platform. As a result, Oculus owners will be able to use their device to tune in and watch games as they unfold on MLB.tv.

MLB.tv, a subscription service, will allow Oculus users to live stream out-of-market games moving forward, making a marked move in the league’s digitalization push.

This comes just a few days after Fox Sports announced that it will use the Unreal Engine to fill up empty stadiums during MLB broadcasts, blending reality, virtual reality, and animated graphics in a new way.

Having access to an Oculus set will grant fans some specific benefits, such as an opportunity to get advanced player tracking statistics from MLB Statcast. As fans know, MLB is a very theoretical game where performance is often condensed to key player metrics more so than in other games.

Viewers will be able to analyze pitch locations thanks to the immersive 3D strike zone feature, allowing users a way to come up with more accurate statistics quicker. Being able to tap into MLB.tv with Oculus Rift will allow players to enjoy 360-degree video highlights, quickly reference MLB standings, or see score updates.

MLB is no stranger to tying up important and ground-breaking partnerships with technological giants and companies. Previously, MLB was working with Intel’s True View platform, but the deal signed in 2017 is now expiring.

Virtual Reality to Step Up Efforts

The Oculus app, however, promises to be a step upwards as it will feature full game replays from the 2018 and 2019 MLB campaigns as well as offer more intuitive viewing options. The Oculus app is intended for download and allows players to watch the 60-game 2020 MLB season which has been rescheduled because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The MLB returned on July 23 and is now underway. Meanwhile, the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) has agreed to expand the post-season to 16 teams hoping to make up for the lost time and interest. There will be a Wild Card Series played in a Best of Three (BO3) format followed by the Division Series.

The post-season games will be available on Disney’s ESPN as well as Warner Media’s Turner Sports. According to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, the executives, teams and MLB staff members were excited to expand the 2020 post-season and introduce new formats for baseball fans to enjoy.

With some luck, Manfred explained, the post season could look just as promising as fans expect it to be, and especially with partners such as ESPN and TBS.

We look forward to a memorable Postseason concluding a year like no other and appreciate the continued partnership and enthusiasm of ESPN and TBS.

MLBPA’s executive director, Tony Clark, has also shared his excitement to see more playoff games added as a way to cater to fans’ expectations. Clark hopes to see a highly-competitive pennant races and some exciting playoff games to top the whole thing off, and as a precursor of next year’s season, he concluded.

MLB has recently boosted its presence in both Australia and Latin America through partnerships with local betting companies.

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