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Michigan: 80-Year-Old Wins $300K Top Prize from Instant Game

The lucky player secured the hefty win from the Michigan Lottery's Top Secret Cashword instant game

It’s never too late to win big from the lottery and this is precisely what happened to one 80-year-old lottery player from Lake County, Michigan. The lucky man, who chose to remain anonymous, recently switched from draw-style games to instant games.

It wasn’t long after the switch when he won a sweet $300,000 grand prize from Top Secret Cashword, an instant game offered by the Michigan Lottery. The lucky man purchased his ticket from Wolf Lake Store at 1254 North M-37 in Baldwin.

Launched in December, the Top Secret Cashword instant game has so far awarded more than $20 million. Considering the recent $300,000 top prize win, there’s one such prize that is yet to be claimed.

Top Secret Cashword costs $5 per play and grants players a chance to win a prize between $5 and $300,000. Besides one $300,000 top prize, the instant game has 63 prizes of $1,000 each remaining, as well as hundreds of thousands of outstanding prizes within the lower tiers between $500 and $5.

Currently, instant games are offered via 10,500 retailers across Michigan. According to the Michigan Lottery, last year alone, players in the state won a sum close to $1.8 billion from a wide range of instant games.

Switch from Draw Games to Instant Games Brought the Player the Win

The lucky Lake County man recently visited the Michigan Lottery headquarters to claim his prize. When asked what he intends to do with the money, the 80-year-old man said that he plans to use some of it for home projects and also pay off his home.

Upon visiting the lottery headquarters, the lucky player said that he was a fan of draw games but recently decided to switch to instant games. “It was about a week and a half after I made the switch to playing instant games that I bought this ticket,” he said.

The man said that as he was scratching off the ticket and revealing the 10th word, he thought “This can’t be.” He looked carefully at the ticket before giving it to his daughter to double-check. She responded: “Dad, you won the big one!”

Considering the massive $300,000 win, the 80-year-old player still couldn’t believe his luck. This is why he took the ticket and visited a lottery retailer where the win was confirmed, once again. He said that the top prize win from Top Secret Cashword brought him “the best feeling in the world.”


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