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NSW Implements Harm Minimization Measures across Pubs and Clubs

According to the government, venues across NSW will have a one-month grace period to comply with the new requirements

The government of New South Wales has officially implemented new gambling harm minimization measures, in line with its ongoing efforts to mitigate the problem gambling rates in the state.

The new rules apply to pubs and clubs across NSW, which must now comply with a variety of new measures designed to support people at risk of gambling harm.

According to the announcement, venues with more than 20 gaming machines are now required to have a dedicated responsible gambling officer (RGO). The RGO must be on duty while the machines are in operation, the announcement clarified.

Venues will be responsible for hiring their RGO employees and training them to identify and support patrons who might be exhibiting signs of gambling harm. RGO staff will also be responsible for referring at-risk players to support services and helping them exclude themselves from gambling.

The number of officers required on duty will depend on the number of gambling machines at the venue.

The changes, which commenced on July 1, also banned licensed venues from placing any signage or advertising relating to gambling machines either on, or visible from, an ATM or EFTPOS terminal. Additionally, establishments are now prohibited from placing signs that advertise or give directions to ATMs or EFTPOS terminals that is visible from a gaming machine or any part of a gaming area.

In addition, gambling venues will need to keep a Gambling Incident Register where they record instances of problem gambling behavior and requests for self-exclusion.

Further Changes to Come in January

According to the government, venues across NSW will have a one-month grace period to comply with the new requirements. Enforcement activity is set to commence in August but Liquor & Gaming NSW inspectors have started visiting venues to make sure they are aware of their new obligations.

The NSW government said that the new rules have been thoroughly consulted with the industry and its stakeholders.

These are not the only changes to NSW’s regulatory framework, however. From January 1, 2025, NSW plans to introduce additional restrictions concerning the placement of ATMs. The further changes would require ATMs to be located at least 5 meters from the entry to a gaming room.

Additionally, companies would need to make sure that ATMs are not visible from the entry to a gaming room or a gambling machine.

Minister Harris Said That NSW Will Closely Monitor Compliance

Minister for gaming and racing David Harris commented on the new rules, saying that they acknowledge the risks posed by gambling machines. Harris reiterated the government’s commitment to implementing reforms that shield players from gambling-related crimes.

The minister noted that the implementation of mandatory RGOs would mitigate some of the harm associated with gambling, allowing patrons at risk, or who are already experiencing harm, to find help.

Additionally, the positioning of cash dispensers further away from gambling machines would encourage a clean break in play for customers who may be overspending.

We’ll be monitoring compliance in these areas closely to see if we need to look at strengthening harm minimization laws even further.

Minister for gaming and racing David Harris

In other news, the NSW government recently allocated an extra AUD 10 million for the minimization of gambling harm.


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