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NSW Government Commits Additional AU$10M to Minimize Gambling Harm

The extra funds are going to benefit the state's Responsible Gambling Fund, ensuring more people can access treatment and support services

Although it is identified as a public health issue, gambling is widely spread across Australia. Seeing this problem on a local and national level, lawmakers in the country engaged in an overhaul of the market. Efforts from state to state differ but their primary objective is unified, namely, reducing gambling harm and problem gambling.

On Tuesday, the New South Wales (NSW) government announced that the state’s Responsible Gambling Fund will benefit from additional funding. An extra AU$10 million ($6.6 million) will boost the Fund in a move that reaffirms NSW’s efforts toward combatting gambling harm and reducing problem gambling.

Thanks to the 2024-25 NSW Budget investment, people affected by gambling harm across the state will benefit from receiving information, support and treatment services. Per the NSW government’s announcement, the aforementioned services will be available regardless if the people affected by gambling harm reside in NSW or not.

Per the initiative, the Fund will collaborate with GambleAware providers in nearly a dozen different regions across the state. The latest effort will help support GambleAware’s Gambling Help Online and Helpline. The two resources played a key role in helping more than 25,000 people between 2022 and 2023.

The 2024-25 Budget continues the drive to reduce gambling harm and to encourage people to seek support when they need it,

reads a statement released by the NSW government

The latest announcement comes at a time when the NSW government reportedly exploring the option for a betting tax increase. Per media reports, the lawmakers in the state anticipate increasing the tax rate by 5% from 15% to 20%.

The Overhaul of NSW’s Gambling Sector Seeks to Reduce Gambling Harm

The additional AU$10 million ($6.6 million) in funding complements the ongoing efforts of the local government in reducing gambling harm. It is a part of the broader efforts against the issue which include the ban of political donations by pubs and clubs that offer gambling, as well as the prohibition of advertising via external signs.

Further efforts against gambling harm require venues that offer more than 20 gambling devices to have dedicated Responsible Gambling Officers. The aforementioned change is mandatory starting from July 1.

Part of the government’s changes to the sector in an effort to reduce gambling harm include limits to the cash input applicable for all new gambling devices. While previously, the limit was AU$5,000 ($3,300), it was decreased to AU$500 ($330).

The local government’s efforts include a comprehensive trial on cashless gambling across the state. Based on the results of the trial which will be overseen by an Independent Panel on Gaming Reform, a plan needs to be created that will propose additional changes to the gambling sector.


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