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GiG Media Rebrands as Gentoo Media Ahead of Strategic Split

GiG announced that the division’s new name, Gentoo Media, pays a tribute to GiG Media's Rebel Penguin heritage

Online gaming marketing and media leader Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) unveiled a new corporate identity for its GiG Media division. Set to be spun off from the main company, the division will now be rebranded to Gentoo Media.

The rebranding aligns with GiG’s intention to grow what was known as GiG Media into a separate and successful business. Set to take place in Q3 2024, the split will see GiG’s Platform & Sportsbook and Media divisions function as separate entities.

GiG announced that the division’s new name, Gentoo Media, pays tribute to GiG Media’s Rebel Penguin heritage. The company noted that the gentoo is an Antarctic penguin species that is “known for prospering by coming together as a unit to survive and thrive.”

In addition, the bird symbolizes the next generation of GiG’s legacy as the company continues serving as a leading affiliate. Overall, the new identity underscores GiG’s vow to deliver superior results and value to its partners and shareholders.

The New Identity Will Generate Additional Value

GiG’s chief executive officer, Jonas Warrer, commented on the launch of the new brand, calling it a “big milestone” in the separation of GiG Media from Gaming Innovation Group. According to him, the division’s new identity has been created with the company’s partners and employees in mind.

Warrer said that the new brand strives to communicate an “accurate and genuine view” of the business and what the Gentoo Media team believes in.

The launch of Gentoo marks a new era and we couldn’t be more excited for the future prospects of the business.

Jonas Warrer, CEO, GiG

Mikael Harstad, chair of GiG’s board, also commented on the rebranding, saying that it “marks a pivotal moment” in the separation of Gaming Innovation Group into two independent businesses. The chair believes that the new brand identity is crucial to the process of increasing shareholder value.

The launch of Gentoo is a testament to the organization’s dedication in delivering superior quality and results in every aspect of the business, and is setting the company off to a great start.

Mikael Harstad, chair, GiG

In other news, GiG just set out to acquire Titan, a provider of SEO and content services. The acquisition is poised to further cement GiG as a media and affiliate leader while allowing it to cut SEO and content-related costs.

At the same time, GiG also said that it is contemplating a $16 million bond issue.


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