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Mega Millions Jackpot Continues to Grow Reaching Nearly $100M

On the last drawing, a player from Texas missed the grand prize, securing a second-tier win of $1 million

After the triumph of one incredibly lucky Illinois player who won the jackpot from Mega Millions earlier this month, the grand prize from the popular game continued to grow. The incredibly lucky player secured the mind-blowing $560 million jackpot, a sum that is among the top 20 of the biggest jackpots for the game.

Friday marked the latest drawing from the popular lottery game. The drawing saw winning numbers 3, 18, 27, 40, 44 and Gold Mega ball number 19. The Megaplier for the drawing was 4x.

Although no one was able to match the five winning numbers in combination with the Mega Ball number, one player from Texas was really close. The lucky lottery player matched five numbers from the drawing on Friday, hitting a sweet $1 million second-tier prize from Mega Millions.

Nine other players won $10,000 each for matching four winning numbers along with the Gold Mega ball. Three other players won a $40,000 Megaplier prize each.

Matching four of the winning numbers from the latest drawing granted a $500 prize each to 340 lucky lottery players. Another 97 winners collected a $2,000 Megaplier prize each.

Nearly 800 players won a $200 prize each for guessing three winning numbers along with the Mega Ball from the latest drawing. A Megaplier Prize of $800 each was won by another 183 lottery players.

The biggest number of people won $2, which is the lowest prize tier and matches the cost of play for Mega Millions. A total of 283,004 lottery players won $2 for guessing correctly only the Mega Ball number from the recent drawing.

The Lottery Game’s Grand Prize Swells to $100 Million

Surviving on Friday, the Mega Millions jackpot is getting closer to the staggering $100 million. The next drawing of the popular game is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25.

The grand prize from the popular lottery game is expected to hit $97 million for the upcoming drawing. The aforementioned sum applies to an annuity option which awards the full sum in annual installments.

If a winner hits the jackpot on the upcoming draw, they can also take home a lump cash sum. In this case, the jackpot is estimated at $46.4 million, a far cry from the near $100 million figure, but still a mouth-watering payout.

Lottery players should know that the aforementioned sums are before the applicable taxes. Both federal and state lottery taxes apply to lottery winnings.


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