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NC Lottery Hosts Ultimate Dash Challenge, Player Wins $170K

Ultimate Dash is a popular scratch-off game where players can submit their tickets for a chance to compete in an exciting challenge

The North Carolina Education Lottery provided life-changing prizes to 12 lucky winners who participated in the Ultimate Dash Challenge Event. Participants in the dash were selected among second-chance Ultimate Dash players.

For context, Ultimate Dash is a popular scratch-off game where players can submit their tickets for a chance to compete in an exciting challenge. The selected second-chance winners are given 90 seconds to race through a warehouse at the speedway, collecting as much merchandise as possible.

This provides participants with a shot at some expensive items, allowing them to enhance their homes with many useful amenities.

For one of the participants, Mary Voss of High Point, this challenge couldn’t have come at a better time. In an interview with the NC Lottery, the woman said that she had just bought a new house. As a result, she picked out all the things she knew she needed for the house.

Voss said that she feels blessed to have been able to participate in the event, describing it as a life-changing experience

I feel like my life is a puzzle and everything is just falling into place for me right now.

Mary Voss

One Lucky Player Won $170,000

Voss was not the only player who was left with lasting impressions. Joseph Tetreault of Wagram in Scotland County also commented on the matter, saying that he is still pumped and that the challenge has been awesome.

In addition to getting 90 seconds to secure a number of items for his home, Tetreault also got the chance to spin a big prize wheel after the Dash. He won a prize of some $170,000.

After the challenge, the man revealed that he plans to share the prize money with his family.

I’ve got nine grandkids so I’m going to take care of them.

Joseph Tetreault

This was the inaugural edition of the Ultimate Dash Challenge Event but the NC Education Lottery is already planning to hold another one next year. For more details, visit the lottery’s official website.

Speaking of second-chance games, a lottery player in Michigan was recently left speechless after winning a $100,000 second-chance jackpot. For context, this is the maximum sum participants in the 500X Money Maker second chance game can win.

In the meantime, a woman from North Carolina recently won $700,000 after buying a scratch-off ticket. She was so excited about the win that she felt she was going to have a heart attack, the winner told the lottery.


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