Lottoland Launches $6.66M Bingo Jackpot “The Vault”

Lottoland has debuted its latest bingo game, aptly called “The Vault,” which contains a treasured £5 million jackpot (roughly $6.66 million). With this launch, Lottoland is essentially running the world’s biggest jackpot prize for the bingo vertical, with the first game set to take place on Saturday, November 27 at 8:30 pm. 

The Vault will not be running around the clock, building up a bit of exclusivity around it. Players will be able to join on a bi-weekly basis on Wednesday and Saturday, and tickets will be sold for just 25 pence (around $0.33), with the game available across the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

The jackpot will be awarded on slightly more democratic terms than other similar games. The bulk of the jackpot, that is, £4 million ($5.33 million), will go to the winner, while the remainder of the sum will be divvied up between the participating players in the game. 

Fair, Social and Enjoyable Experience 

To ensure the fairness of the draws, Lottoland is using a special algorithm device known as Random and insured Number Generator or (RiNG). What’s new here is that Lottoland ensures the jackpot amounts through its own infrastructure, guaranteeing that no malfunction may occur. 

The release has been welcomed by players as well as Lottoland’s own executives. According to Nigel Birrell, chief executive officer at the company, everyone on the team is excited about the launch of the product and the different mechanics introduced to it. There is a “sense of community” to this new way of awarding the jackpot that Birrell feels strongly will resonate with players. 

“For decades, bingo halls have brought people together, and we were very conscious when building Bingo BIG that, although we felt we could open the game up to a new audience and bring bingo into a digital setting, we never wanted to lose that feeling of camaraderie and fun.”

Lottoland CEO Nigel Birrell

Bringing Bingo to Players’ Homes 

The product is launching as part of the Bingo BIG solution available in the targeted markets. Lottoland is happy to deliver on an experience that transcends anonymity and allows players to band together and enjoy bingo as a social activity, as the game intends by design. It’s a product that people can enjoy “out of the comfort of their homes” while not missing out on the camaraderie, Birrell explained. 

Previously, the company vowed to become a carbon-neutral entity by 2040, rededicating its efforts to set good business practices and standards in the industry that is increasingly turning green. 

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