Betway to Sponsor Rio Open in Brazil for 2022/2023

Betway continues to appear at the world’s most prominent sporting events, with the operator of betting and iGaming products now striking a partnership with the Rio Open, one of the leading tournaments in the tennis ecosystem. The Rio Open is the only ATP Tour event to take place in Brazil, giving the alliance additional significance. 

Sponsorship in Place for 2022 and 2023

The partnership arranged by the Super Group-owned company and the tournament organizers will see Betway sponsor the next two editions of the annual events in 2022 and 2023. Under the terms of the partnership, Betway will have association rights and be represented through its branding with courtside signage. 

Betway will also work actively on tailored content that will be directed at tennis fans and will use its own social media channels to distribute the results. The company is also set to tap into the Rio Open’s social media channels to achieve further exposure. 

Commenting on this opportunity, Betway CEO Anthony Werkman said that adding the Rio Open to what is already an extensive portfolio of sponsored events is an important step forward for the brand insofar as tennis sponsorships go. Becoming a premium partner for the tournament is precisely what the company had been hoping for. 

“The tournament is always contested by the sport’s top talent, and having an association with it marks another proud moment for the Betway brand.”

Betway CEO Anthony Werkman

Mutual Benefits and Appreciation among Partners 

Rio Open director Marcia Casz welcomed the news as well and said that the event was happy to add Betway as its official sponsor. “We are very successful in having one of the leaders in its segment as a partner in the largest tennis event in Latin America, and we hope to maintain a partnership for many years to come,” Casz explained. 

The Rio Open is an annual gathering for some of the tennis elite. The tournament is frequented by the likes of Rafael NadalDavid Ferrer, and the defending champion, Christian Garín, among others. The event was founded in 2014 and has featured both men’s singles and doubles competitions. 

The company has numerous partnerships in and out of the traditional sport. Betway is connected to Brazil through several sponsorships in the competitive video gaming sector, better known as esports. Earlier this year, the company struck a partnership with esports powerhouse FURIA. The company revealed that it was ambitious about European soccer earlier this month, and Betway has numerous partnerships with NFL and NBA franchises. 

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