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Lottoland Commits to the Climate Pledge, Becomes Carbon Neutral

It was in 2019 when Global Optimism and Amazon founded the Climate Pledge. Participants in the pledge commit to being net-zero carbon by 2040, which is 10 years earlier than the Paris Agreement. Only recently, Lottoland became the first gambling operator to become carbon neutral and join the Climate Pledge.

Lottoland Achieves Carbon Neutral Status

Lottoland, the leading German lottery operator, became the first gambling company to join the Climate Pledge. The company joins a growing number of more than 200 organizations that have already signed the pledge. To be able to sign the pledge, Lottoland achieved a carbon-neutral status.

The company collaborated with the global climate reduction consultancy Tunley Engineering. Lottoland said that the collaboration helped it to “fully comprehend and visualize their carbon footprint in annual tonnes of Carbon Equlivance.”

As a result, Lottoland understands better the carbon cost related to energy use, water or business travel. Moreover, this will help the company continue to make informed decisions while at the same time reducing its carbon footprint, which ultimately makes the company more ethical and greener.

The German Operator Commits to Key Areas of Action by Signing the Pledge

Lottoland revealed that the assessment and reduction were completed in accordance with ISO 14064. Considering that the operator has now signed the pledge, it further reaffirmed its commitment to a “greener future, and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 or sooner.”

By joining the pledge, Lottoland agreed on three key areas of action. The company needs to regularly measure and report greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, signatories commit to creating credible offsets aiming at achieving net-zero annual carbon emissions by 2040.

The last commitment relates to carbon elimination. Companies that sign the pledge agree to implement decarbonization strategies that follow the Paris Agreement. Those strategies can be achieved via improving efficiency, introducing innovations, using renewable energy, reducing materials or other methods that help carbon emission elimination.

The Company Is Thrilled to Become Carbon Neutral and Sign the Pledge

Nigel Birrell, Lottoland’s CEO, shared his excitement by saying that the company is thrilled to achieve carbon-neutral status and sign the Climate Pledge. He stressed that the company is “committed to being socially and environmentally responsible.” Birrell outlined that those responsibilities apply not only to the customers but also to Lottoland’s employees.

We are proud to be taking a leadership position in climate change.

Nigel Birrell, CEO at Lottoland

Sally Fouts, global lead at Amazon for The Climate Pledge, said that it is exciting to see more companies join the pledge. She acknowledged that “deep cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases can stabilize increasing temperatures.” Fouts stressed that the companies that signed the pledge are uniquely positioned to challenge climate change and help create a greener future. In conclusion, she outlined that she is looking forward to seeing the accomplishments of everyone in the next two decades.


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