April 26, 2022 3 min read


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Lottery Workers of the Spanish National Organization of the Blind Started Collective Negotiations

Whereas Loteros en Lucha, a Spanish social organization, which seeks an increase in the commissions from the sales network of the Spanish State Society for State Lotteries and Bets (SELAE), is preparing for a protest, which will take place on May 4, the Spanish National Organization of the Blind (ONCE) initiated the collective bargaining process.

Meeting between ONCE, UTGO-UGT, and CCOO Representatives

Directors of ONCE, a lottery operator, whose services are oriented toward people with disabilities, met with the general secretaries of the General Workers Union (UTGO-UGT) and the Trade Union Confederation of Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) to start officially the procedures of the 17th collective agreement. The aim of the meeting was to discuss a wide range of topics, including the commissions, the workday records, the distance work, and the right to digital disconnection.

During the meeting, both parties presented the general lines, which would be discussed during the negotiations as well as the most relevant issues for each of the representatives of the organizations. Diego Sayago, secretary-general of UTGO-UGT, commented that many topics had been discussed, including employment protection for the workers from ONCE.

The collective bargaining process takes place between a commission, made up of 12 representatives of UTGO-UGT and another one formed by Workers’ Commissions with representatives of the ONCE’s management.

At the end of March, the Permanent Commission of the General Council of ONCE approved the names of the representatives in the negotiating committee, which is led by the general director Ángel Sánchez.

Principles and Tenets

The main principles and tenets, which have to be discussed during the collective bargaining, include sufficient temporal validity of the Collective Agreement in order to ensure stability compatible with the achievement of the goals set; maintenance of the commitments especially regarding the employment of persons with disabilities; and control over all personnel costs, including balanced salary increases and stimulation of compensation formulas. The remuneration of the vendors should follow the current model of commissions and other incentives and different commission rates should be applied depending on the percentages of the product prices and the business needs.

Other important issues, which will be discussed during the collective negotiations, are the filling of vacant positions, where a priority should be given to the permanent workers and depending on the needs of ONCE; incorporation of a new regulation regarding the record of workdays, which would reflect the conditions and characteristics of the ONCE’s record system; addressing the easing measures concerning the regulation of distance work; revision of the measures related to the reconciliation of personal, family and working life; revision of the chapter concerning the disciplinary regimes, among others.

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