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Less than 500 Evolution Georgia Workers Expected to Strike

The strike is planned to take place this Friday and according to the company, it won't affect its operational delivery

The leading gaming and entertainment company, Evolution, currently has more than 8,000 employees in Georgia. Evolution Georgia complements the company’s operations in Latvia, as well as Malta, among other jurisdictions across the globe.

Amid recent allegations of poor working conditions, harassment by management and insufficient pay, an estimated minimum of 5,000 employees were expected to go on strike, on July 12. However, a newly released report suggests that only a fraction of the aforementioned number of employees are going to participate in the planned strike.

After unsuccessful talks with the trade union earlier this week, Evolution’s head of investor relations, Carl Linton, confirmed in an interview for NEXT.io that the number of employees who are expected to participate in the strike will be fewer than 500. The executive pointed to data from Georgia’s trade union which included a list of employees who can participate in the planned strike.

Per the data, as of July 9, fewer than 500 employees at Evolution Georgia were listed. Linton said on the matter: “We do not expect any significant impact on our operational delivery from the studio.”

The list amounts to fewer than 500 individuals out of over 8,000 employees in the studio.

Carl Linton, head of investor relations at Evolution

Under the existing laws in Georgia, workers must notify the unions in cases where they consider participating in strikes. After that, the unions would notify the affected employer by compiling a list of the participants.

It is unclear whether employees who have not submitted their names on the union’s list can participate in the planned strike.

The Company Faces Allegations of Poor Working Conditions, Harassment of Employees

The upcoming strike by Evolution Georgia employees comes amid allegations of worker mistreatment. According to information disclosed by Mautskebeli, a trade union news outlet in the country, employees at Evolution Georgia were allegedly subjected to abusive treatment, including harassment such as sexist, discriminatory and racist remarks.

Further allegations claim that the workers were subjected to unsanitary working conditions as the company had a problem with “sanitation and parasites for years.”

A statement released by Evolution Georgia highlighted the company’s dedication to its workforce in the country.

While the company acknowledged that it strives to offer the best work environment, it outlined that there are challenges related to the control of more than 8,000 employees.

Still, Evolution vowed to take strict measures against unacceptable workplace behavior and find the root of the problems.


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