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Argentina Mocks Drake Over Yet Another Losing Bet

The team referenced a diss track by Drake’s rival Lamar, in which the latter criticized the former

Argentina’s national soccer team has decided to poke some fun at the famous rapper Drake, who, once again, lost a significant wager. The musician counted on his home country, Canada, to defeat Argentina in the Copa America semi-final but lost his $300,000 bet.

According to an image Drake shared on Instagram, he would have been in for a $2.88 million payout if Canada managed to defeat Argentina. Unfortunately, Lionel Messi and Julian Alvarez foiled the Canadian musician’s plans by scoring game-changing goals and securing their team’s victory.

As the so-called Drake curse struck once again, Argentina decided to tease the rapper a little. On X, the club shared an image of its players accompanied by the text “NOT LIKE US.” The text was a not-so-subtle nod to a diss track by Drake’s rival Lamar, in which the latter criticized the former.

Boasting a whopping 115 million views on YouTube, the Not Like Us song has become a favorite among Drake critics. By referencing the track, Argentina added insult to Drake’s betting injury.

Argentina will now proceed to the final where it will face off against Uruguay or Colombia for a shot at its 16th Copa America title.

The Drake Curse

Drake is well-known as a mediocre bettor with many people poking fun at his wagers and implying the existence of a “Drake curse” that surrounds his bets. Drake’s gambling antics have become a matter of regular news updates, wild speculation, and the occasional punchline, increasing his celebrity status.

Kendrick Lamar even went as far as calling Drake a problem gambler, accusing him of being addicted to betting.

In any case, Drake might be best known for his misses but the rapper has also had quite a few quite big hits. His $1.15 million wager on the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the San Francisco 49ers during Super Bowl LIV won him some $2.34 million.

In any case, Drake seems to be enjoying the clout his wagers secure him as he continues to be quite open about his gambling habits. His net worth of $250 million has not been impacted by his risky wagers either, suggesting that he will continue indulging in betting and, possibly, falling victim to the Drake curse.  


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