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Employees of Evolution Georgia to Go On Strike on July 12

The announced strike comes amid allegations of workplace harassment, unsanitary and unsafe working conditions and insufficient pay

A minimum of 5,000 of Evolution’s employees in Georgia are expected to go on strike later this week. The announcement comes at a time when accusations against Evolution Georgia released by the Georgian trade union news outlet, Mautskebeli, claim company employees have been victims of abuse, including unsafe working conditions, management harassment and insufficient pay.

A video released by the media outlet reveals claims cleaners at the company’s office take breaks in a room that is essentially a toilet. Per the video, allegedly an employee sits at a pouf near a toilet in a tiny room with no windows. Boxes and toilet supplies can be seen all around the floor of the room.

In another post on Facebook, Mautskebeli released photos of bites by bugs, claiming that Evolution has had a problem with “sanitation and parasites for years.” The photos show bites in different parts of the body, as well as bugs.

The media also released screenshots that portrayed a “degrading and abusive attitude” toward Evolution Georgia employees. Allegedly, the workers at the company’s offices have been subjected to harassment which included but was not limited to discrimination, racist and sexist remarks.

Currently, Evolution has approximately 8,000 employees in Georgia. The company opened its office in Tbilisi back in 2018, complementing its operations in Malta and Latvia.

According to local media reports, the strike by Evolution Georgia employees will start on July 12. An estimated 5,000 workers are expected to participate in the strike.

Evolution Acknowledges the Challenge of Monitoring 8,000 Employees

In light of the accusations, Evolution released a statement last week, highlighting the importance of the investment it made in Georgia. The company outlined its dedication to growing in the country, pointing to the 8,000 people it employs.

Moreover, Evolution said that it remains dedicated to investing in the country, offering “many young people the opportunity to take their first career steps and create a suitable working environment, where we always strive to be better, learn and develop.”

We will go out of the effort to make sure all employees uphold and respect our shared values. We do our best to create a respectful and trust-based environment, but with a team of over 8,000 people, unfortunately, there will always be challenges with controlling employees and exposing unacceptable actions on time,

wrote Evolution Georgia

Speaking about claims about employee dismissal, Evolution wrote that such information is “categorically unacceptable.” The company added that it has already initiated an internal investigation into the alleged mistreatment of its employees, vowing to uncover “the root of the problem and take stricter measures.”

The company pointed to its continuous efforts to ensure all of its employees share Evolution’s values and follow the rules. However, it did acknowledge that there are challenges related to the monitoring of a team of more than 8,000 workers.


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