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Alliance for Gambling Reform Asks Lawmakers to Ban Inducements

Lucrative bonuses, cashback offers, gambling inducements and personal marketing messages help lure gamblers, warned the advocacy group

Last year in June, an important report on gambling was released in Australia. The white paper called for a number of changes to the gambling regulations in the country as a way to decrease problem gambling and combat harm.

Among nearly three dozen recommendations, the report highlighted the importance of banning all inducements related to online gambling. In addition, the report encouraged the prohibition of advertising of inducements related to online gambling “without delay.”

A year has passed since the release of the report and changes to the regulations in different states have already been initiated. However, online gambling inducements and related marketing are yet to face restrictions, despite the recommendations of the year-old report.

Now, a newly released report reveals that the national advocacy organization that helps prevent and minimize gambling-related harm, the Alliance for Gambling Reform, once again sounded the alarm about the dangers of iGaming inducements.

As announced by The Guardian, the advocacy group urged Labor to take action and follow the recommendations of the white paper released more than a year ago. The Alliance for Gambling Reform warned that the existing regulations do not provide sufficient protection for consumers from promotions offering “bonus bets” and other inducements.

Changes Are Required to Protect Consumers from Excessive Gambling

Notably, the group pointed to last year’s report which found that bonuses such as cashback, sign up and other promotional inducements are associated with increased betting activities. The research outlined that usually, such promotions are subject to different terms and conditions that the average consumer may find difficult to understand.

Per the report from last year: “Contrary to the marketing messages, and the interpretation by gamblers, that inducements offer a prudent way to bet, evidence suggests that uptake of inducement offers is actually associated with more harmful betting behaviors.” Additionally, the report said that by using such promotions, gambling operators are “cynically” targeting individuals who may be affected by problem gambling.

Besides urging lawmakers to take action and implement meaningful changes to the regulations regarding the advertising of gambling inducements, the Alliance for Gambling Reform warned that the number of bettors in Australia doubled over the last five years. According to the advocacy group, approximately one third of all bets on sports were placed by people suffering from gambling-related addiction.

Changes are already being implemented in the gambling sector across Australia. Cashless gambling, restrictions related to external advertising and limits are a major part of the changes to the sector. Yet, additional restrictions related to inducements and online gambling advertising undoubtedly can have a further positive impact.


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