June 24, 2024 2 min read


Law Enforcement Shuts Down Illegal Gambling Businesses in Florida

In a large-scale operation, police shut down four illegal gambling establishments, seizing more than $200,000 and nearly 200 gambling machines

Illegal gambling is often associated with other criminal activities, including but not limited to money laundering, extortion, racketeering, drug distribution and loan sharking. Such unlawful activities result in an increase in the overall calls to law enforcement and emergency services. This is precisely the case in Lake County, Florida, where a large-scale operation against illegal gambling was conducted recently.

The operation resulted in the seizing of illegal gambling devices and a large sum of cash. A total of four illegal gambling businesses were shuttered by law enforcement after investigations and raids that took place earlier this month.

As announced by Leesburg-News, the Florida Gaming Control Commission (FGCC) collaborated with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigation Bureau in the latest operation against illegal gambling. The efforts resulted in the execution of a total of four search warrants, impacting illegal gambling businesses across Lake County. The operation saw the participation of detectives from Mount Dora, Eustis, Clermont and Leesburg police departments.

As a result, venues at 37415 State Road 19 in Umatilla, 23505 State Road 40 in Astor, 11203 US Highway 441 and 11145 US Highway 441 in Tavares were raided. During the searches, law enforcement uncovered and seized some $211,000. Additionally, police seized approximately 170 gaming machines.

Illegal Gambling Is Punishable Offense in Florida

The latest operation against illegal gambling crippled the unlawful operations. This is because the alleged illegal gambling businesses did not have any devices left to operate with.

Besides seizing cash and gambling equipment, law enforcement sent misdemeanor notices to six people suspected of being involved in the unlawful activities. The individuals were informed of Florida State Statute 849.01, a provision related to keeping gambling houses. Per the statute, individuals involved in illegal gambling, including maintaining, keeping or serving such an establishment may be subject to prosecution.

Illegal gambling establishments operate outside the legal, regulated market to exploit vulnerable Floridians.

Lou Trombetta, executive director of the FGCC

Lou Trombetta, FGCC’s executive director, said that illegal gambling operators prey on vulnerable residents across Florida. He spoke about the dangers of illegal gambling, outlining that such activities are usually related to organized crime. Finally, Trombetta warned that illegal gambling operators do not protect their customers the same way licensed operators do.


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  • Ida Brown
    June 24, 2024 at 2:19 pm

    If this happens in Lake county, then why isn’t it done in all counties?

  • Jacqueline
    June 24, 2024 at 4:24 pm

    There are so many in Florida they are all over especially here in Sarasota and Bradenton and they don’t do anything about them make them Regulated by the state then they want have too be illegal

  • Sheryl
    June 25, 2024 at 4:16 pm

    Why is the worst one in Vero bu the green marlin allowed to Rob people and all the others were shuttered. Election time is upon us.

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