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Investigation Finds Match-Fixing in Boxing Games during 2016 Olympics

A new investigation led by Professor Richard McLaren discovered that boxing bouts during the 2016 Rio Olympics were impacted by match-fixing. The investigation was initiated by the International Boxing Association and found malpractices conducted by judges and referees.

Boxing Integrity Impacted during 2016 Olympics According to an Investigation

Results of a new investigation were released this past Thursday. They revealed that some boxing fights during the 2016 Rio Olympics were fixed. AIBA, the International Boxing Association, appointed Professor Richard McLaren to conduct an independent investigation into boxing. McLaren, who was recently interviewed by the Associated Press, said that referees, as well as judges, participated in the match-fixing.

Although the investigation did not reveal how many fights had been impacted by the fraud, McLaren said that there may be around 11 or fewer. Here, it’s important to mention that the investigation found fights that have been manipulated or are suspected of being fixed. Some of those fights even included fights for medals, according to the investigator.

Key personnel decided that the rules did not apply to them.

Investigator Richard McLaren

The match-fixing was conducted via a “culture of fear, intimidation and obedience in the ranks of the referees and judges,” outlined McLaren. With the help of this “informal structure,” select referees and judges were assigned to specific fights to ensure that the outcome was manipulated. Here, McLaren said that either those judges were participating in the structure or were incompetent and unwilling to report the improprieties.

During the probe into the 2016 Olympics, the investigator concluded that judges and referees who held key positions considered that the rules do not apply for them. Besides the 2016 Olympics, McLaren revealed that the 2012 London Olympics may have also been affected by the match-fixing scheme.

AIBA Remains Committed to Game Integrity, Announces Changes

AIBA’s president, Umar Kremlev, acknowledged the seriousness of the findings of McLaren and his team regarding the results of bouts at the Rio 2016 boxing tournament. He stressed that he is determined to ensure that boxers participate in fair fights. Kremlev added that the AIBA hired McLaren since it had nothing to hide. According to him, the investigation reaffirms AIBA’s commitment to “uncovering the truth and acting on it.”

Professor McLaren and his team have identified a system for manipulating the results of bouts at the Rio 2016 boxing tournament.

Umar Kremlev, president at AIBA

The Association outlined that the investigation’s findings are of great concern. Consequently, it revealed that extensive reforms have been introduced to ensure the integrity of current AIBA tournaments and competitions. Moreover, AIBA revealed that its administration remains “fully committed to taking appropriate action in the areas of sporting integrity, as well as any others where Prof McLaren’s teams make significant findings.”


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