October 1, 2021 3 min read


AmAff Launches Props.com, a Media Hub Focused on US Sports Betting

AmAff, a media site developer, has just announced the launch of Props.com, a media hub that will target bettors in the US. The main goal of the site will be to provide bettors with massive coverage of all the insights, trends, analysis, and news related to US sports betting. The market for US sports betting is getting bigger with each passing day as more states embrace the activity. Not only that, but online betting is becoming a massive trend in states such as Arizona, whereas other states are finalizing the regulations and are on the verge of joining the growing market.

The goal of Props.com is to Provide Informative and Entertaining Content

The head of content for Props.com will be Patrick Everson; Matt Jacobs will be the managing director and Spencer Limbach will be the associate managing director. Everson shared a few thoughts on the launch of Props.com and stated that what he loves the most is that the sports betting experience will be brought to the customers in the current expanding space. That way, they will feel like they are in the most lavish Vegas sportsbook, taking a look at what happens behind the scenes. Followers will have a behind-the-scenes look to see where the action lies, why the numbers are moving and so on.

He also added that the idea of the whole project is actually very simple – provide actionable content that is both informative and entertaining. In other words, provide sports betting consumers with relevant information that can be put to good use. Everson concluded that thanks to the great team that Props.com has assembled, that will be the goal every day of the week.

The founder of AmAff, industry analyst and backer Chris Grove, stated that a top-tier team has been assembled at the company and the launch of the media hub is a major milestone as well as a huge step forward in building the first at-scale affiliate organization that has an exclusive focus on the legal sports betting and online gambling activities in the US.

Online Wagering in the US is on the Rise

In the recent period, the US has become an extremely sought-out market for both online sports betting and online gambling. At the moment, online sports betting has a much better penetration rate than online gambling, as it is legal in over 20 states.

One interesting report by a J.P. Morgan analyst showed that, with the recent developments in the US, sports wagering and iGaming will continue to rise at a very rapid rate. According to the report of Joseph Greff, the industry’s revenue will jump from $12.2 billion to $19.3 billion in only a few short years.

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