In a World’s First, UpSports.Bet and Mr Olympia Brazil Pen Partnership

UpSports.Bet has announced that it will be partnering with Mr Olympia Brazil, marking the first time a sports betting company has partnered with a bodybuilding championship. According to MKT Esportivo, a Brazilian information page, the deal between the two parties was signed between UpSports.Bet, businessman Caique Parça and LiveSports. 

The Intention is to Uplift Bodybuilding and Promote Friendship 

The competition is set to begin on September 23 in São Paulo and will last until September 25. The betting company signed the deal with the goal of uplifting the sport of bodybuilding. Additionally, the partnership is set to promote friendship. 

Competitors Felipe Franco, Renato Cariani, and Júlio Balestrin have expressed their willingness to wager on a competition where the three would go against each other. 

Felipe Dias, the CEO of UpSports.Bet, shared a few words on the development. He stated that some of the world’s most popular sports are also in the betting world. That includes the likes of soccer, basketball and boxing. 

He added that with this thought in mind, there’s no reason why bodybuilding shouldn’t be included in the mix and ended by saying that everyone at UpSports.Bet hopes that the partnership will prove to be a “milestone in the history of bodybuilding.” 

Luciano Silva, LiveScore’s production director, stated that LiveSports is always on the lookout for something new and hence, it was a pleasure to participate in the so-called “unprecedented union of bodybuilding.” 

Betting Sponsorship Are A Trend in Brazil Recently 

Sports betting sponsorships are expanding at a fast rate in Brazil. Recently, Parimatch was named as the official betting sponsor of the CCT broadcasts. Thanks to this development, Parimatch will experience bigger brand reach and customer engagement across South America. 

GRID Esports signed the deal with Parimatch and its chief sales officer, Mikael Westerling, stated that GRID is always looking to partner with companies that are able to drive growth for CCT players and viewers. 

A few weeks before a betting operator penetrated esports, Betsson teamed up with Athletico Paranaense. With this partnership, Betsson’s logo will appear on the club’s shirts. In return, Betsson will drive fan engagement by offering special bonuses on its sports betting platform. 

Online gambling is also a subject that is often talked about in the country. Earlier this year, the Senate Economic Affairs Committee voted in favor of a new bill that would introduce taxes on online gambling and games of skill.

Senator Flávio Arns stated that online operations have been rising in the recent period and the current legislation will not be able to “keep up with new technologies.” Arns added that online platforms generate high revenues and they are yet to be captured by taxes.

As a concluding note, he stated that even though collecting taxes from these new tech platforms could be a challenge, it is something that must be done.

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