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ICO Urges for More Robust Data Collaboration in the Gaming Space

The authority noted that limited personal information by the financial sector could significantly benefit safe gambling efforts, preventing users from unaffordable losses

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s independent regulatory body for data protection, remains a firm proponent for in-depth integration between financial providers and gambling companies. The ICO believes sharing personal data transparently and following existing laws could reduce problem gambling and foster a healthier gaming ecosystem.

Transparency and Proportionality Are Paramount

The ICO’s endorsement of data collaboration aims to address the rising issue of problem gambling. Allowing financial institutions to share personal data with licensed gambling operators should help identify at-risk individuals and provide targeted interventions to promote responsible gambling behavior. Such collaboration can enable operators to implement effective self-exclusion programs and early intervention measures, preventing gambling-related harm.

Combining financial transaction data with gambling patterns remains one of the most reliable methods to detect early signs of problem gaming. The improved intervention times should prevent unsustainable losses and direct at-risk individuals to seek proper guidance and support. ICO executive director of regulatory risk Stephen Almond noted that data sharing was a natural next step toward a safer gambling market.

Data sharing can be a force for good, enabling organizations to protect people from gambling-related harm.

Stephen Almond, ICO executive director of regulatory risk

The authority emphasizes that all information sharing between financial institutions and gambling operators must be transparent and proportional, adhering to existing data protection and privacy guidelines. Additionally, data sharing should be limited to only what is necessary for improving responsible gambling measures, necessitating the development of robust privacy safeguards for financial risk checks.

Data Collaboration Is a Powerful Tool

The ICO’s data-sharing proposition aligns with the UK government’s long-term strategy for the gambling industry. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has outlined similar plans, requiring operators to share data on potentially vulnerable customers to prevent overspending. These reforms and the changes in the upcoming white paper promise to significantly strengthen the country’s safe gaming measures, updating them for today’s rapidly evolving market.

Despite the government’s good intentions, a recent study showed bettors were apprehensive about sharing their personal information. Mandatory affordability checks were a deal-breaker for 60% of participants who claimed they would not contribute such information if asked. The ASA and UKGC must walk a fine line or risk driving players to unlicensed operators where they’ll be even more at risk.

Data collaboration between the financial sector and UK licensed gambling operators reflects a proactive approach to curbing problem gambling. However, such measures must also account for user sentiment, educating bettors on the rising threat of gambling harm and the dangers of unlicensed operators. Collaboration between stakeholders can contribute to a healthier gaming ecosystem, safeguarding players’ well-being.

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