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UKGC: The Industry Will Soon Hear the Results of Certain Consultations

Sarah Gardner noted that some areas will soon see some progress but added that the UKGC cannot provide a precise timetable

Sarah Gardner, the deputy CEO of the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission, commented on the Gambling Act review during yesterday’s Lotteries Council Annual Conference. She promised that the UK gambling sector will soon learn the results of certain planned consultations.

Gardner told stakeholders that the UKGC has a lot to think about and that many of the white paper proposals need to be further discussed. She said that the entire process may take years but that it is imperative to do it right rather than do it fast.

Still, she noted that some areas will soon see some progress.

For our part, whilst the implementation of the White Paper – which has over 60 areas of work for the Gambling Commission alone – will likely take a number of years to fully complete, that doesn’t mean we can’t make rapid progress in a number of key areas.

Sarah Gardner, deputy CEO, UKGC

She noted that License Conditions and Codes of Practice changes must be thoroughly consulted, which will take time. The deputy CEO also said that the UKGC will adopt “less haste and more speed” in its approach, carefully evaluating its actions.

Gardner concluded that she cannot provide a timetable but said that the UKGC hopes to publish the first set of white paper-related consultations by the end of the summer. By that point, consultations in other policy areas should have begun.

What Operators Should Do in the Meantime

While the consultations will take a while and implementing new rules will take even longer, Gardner encouraged operators to remain responsible. She advised them to follow the principles outlined by CEO Andrew Rhodes. These are the following:

  • putting people first
  • doing the right thing
  • regulation that works for all.

Gardner elaborated that companies should protect people from gambling harm and prevent gambling-related crime. In addition, companies should be fair, honest and transparent. Finally, the industry should work together with the UKGC when it comes to regulation.

The deputy CEO warned that incompliance will be appropriately punished. She noted that the UKGC will not hesitate to enforce the rules if operators do not do what is expected of them. On the contrary, the UKGC will remain favorable and open-minded when it comes to engaging with operators that are diligent in following the rules.

Gardner concluded that collaboration will allow the UKGC to make much faster progress on all white paper-related matters. She addressed all interested operators and lottery operators, saying:

We want to work with you on that journey and where we consult we will want your views. Keep your products safe, fair and crime-free and we will be only too happy to continue to collaborate with you as you continue raising vital funds for good causes.

Sarah Gardner, deputy CEO, UKGC

Two weeks ago, the UKGC posted plans for implementing the white paper proposals.


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