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Harry Proudley: “Employing Individuals who Can Empathize with Young Audiences Should Be Priority”

We sit down with 1×2 Network’s marketing coordinator Harry Proudley to discuss what parts of the iGaming industry may appeal to young professionals and college graduates to seek employment as part of it. Proudley is confident that the industry needs to focus on the 20-25 bracket to develop sustainable leadership for the future. iGaming is fun, Proudley notes, which is one of its biggest strengths when seeking to attract new and young people to work within it. Besides, the growth opportunities are there. Here is the full interview with Proudley:

What is your role at 1X2 Network and how long have you been there?

I am 1X2 Network’s Marketing Coordinator, I handle the day-to-day delivery of marketing materials across the studio brands, as well as developing broader strategies, PR, shared media channels etc. I’m coming up on six months at the company.

What attracted you to the online gambling industry in the first place?

I’ve always been attracted to B2B marketing, and working from an in-house position seemed like a fantastic way to start. In terms of the iGaming industry, it was interesting to me as from an external perspective, the scope of the industry’s B2B element is hidden and thus as far as I can tell underestimated. The opportunities to bring more engaging marketing initiatives, and even experimental ones into the industry were certainly appealing.

What has been your experience of the industry to date?

Very positive, and 1X2 Network has certainly been a catalyst for that. Working across multiple studios has afforded me a greater range of perspectives, and marketing-wise the industry is thriving, the affiliate media in particular has strong audience growth. And with shifting player demographics, marketers industry-wide are having to change tact, and move towards new mediums and messaging; it’s an interesting time to have joined.

Could you share a particular highlight?

Within a month of my joining 1X2 I was at ICE London, so I’d be hard pressed to pick anything else. Even with COVID reducing its size, it was still a massive thing to be a part of, and a great introduction to everything the industry has to offer.

Do you believe the industry is doing enough when it comes to attracting new talent?

It could certainly be doing more, compared to other tech-based industries there seems to be little in the way of graduate schemes – but they’re not the be-all and end-all. From my perspective as a recent graduate, I didn’t know about the iGaming industry, and as I mentioned above, player demographics are changing, most notably leaning more towards the 20-25 bracket, so employing individuals who can empathize with that age group should be a priority.

What would you say to other graduates considering entering the iGaming industry?

Just to say yes to everything that crosses your desk. Ultimately the industry produces games and gaming experiences; it’s supposed to be fun! The number of industry events going on, and opportunities for growth in an organization like 1X2, you simply have to accept every challenge and do your best to rise to it.


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