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GiG Comply to Help PokerStars Meet Affiliate Standards

Amid mounting regulatory pressure and last-minute changes in gambling frameworks, Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has secured another partnership with one of the leading gaming and poker companies PokerStars. GiG will specifically assist PokerStars with its own software that allows affiliate monitoring and enforce compliance best practices across the world.

As a result, GiG Comply, as the solution is known, will now bolster PokerStars’ deterministic efforts to uphold not only industry standards but also ensure that any affiliate part of the namesake program, Stars Affiliate Club, meets those same criteria, plus further ensure the necessary compliance when advertising the company’s product.

A New Approach to Upholding Regulatory Standards

With regulators around the globe holding companies accountable for their affiliate programs and how their brands are represented, PokerStars is taking a pre-emptive move in establishing clear-cut rules and guidelines for how awareness for the brand should scale.

Recently, markets such as Italy, the United Kingdom, and Denmark have tightened their regulatory measures. Spain announced that it might seek to restrict as much as 80% of online gambling advertisements due to mounting cases of gambling addiction, and some countries have banned ads outright, i.e. Italy.

GiG Comply will empower PokerStars, allowing the brand to comb through thousands of affiliates and see if they come close to meeting the company’s standards as outlined per the Affiliate Club program.

Apart from that, GiG Comply will cross-reference existing regulation and use smart technology to analyze the specific language used in websites and whether they break any of the current regulatory demands. Furthermore, GiG’s software will comb through links, brand mentions and the imagery used to make sure that affiliate partners are upholding their end and not delivering a potentially misleading product to potential readers and players.

Tightening the Screws of Gambling Companies/Affiliate Relationships

The Stars Group’s – the company that owns PokerStars – Public Relations Associate Director, Rebecca McAdam Willetts, had to say that owing to GiG Comply, the final product that potential PokerStars players would access will be compliant with the highest industry standards for responsible gaming.

Commenting on the specific contribution of GiG, Willetts said that GiG Comply added a “new dimension to those relationships and controls.” She didn’t hide her enthusiasm to see the technology used to reinforce PokerStars’s good brand name and standing.

Similarly, Richard Brown, GiG Chief Executive, said that the company was quite pleased about teaming up with PokerStars. Brown believes that by picking GiG’s affiliate monitoring tool, PokerStars will remain at the forefront of best compliance practices.

The brand is not the only one to have done so. Amid a rapid expansion, Bet365 also signed a partnership with GiG Comply seeking to weather the storm of volatile markets in Europe and the United Kingdom, both in light of Brexit as well as shifting sentiment towards gambling at home.

Furthermore, bet365 is expecting to push strongly in the United States. Therefore, adding GiG Comply means the platform can do so while fully compliant with local regulation. Not least, GiG Comply has signed a number of high-profile clients. These brands include established names such as Betfred, Betsson, and SuprNation, to name just a few.


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