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GAMSTOP Reaches 250,000 Registrations as Users Praise Program

GAMSTOP, the trusted self-exclusion gambling program in the United Kingdom, has announced that it has been able to achieve 250,000 registrations, marking a new milestone for the initiative and its commitment to protecting vulnerable gamblers.

GAMSTOP attested to an increase in the number of new signups with 67,000 players signing up during 2021, compared to 51,000 in 2020. Self-exclusion has been indicative of the program’s successful marketing campaigns that have promoted responsible gambling.

Part of those messages has been facilitated through traditional gambling companies, leading to several milestones over the past months. One such was March 2021, when 7,000 users decided to self-exclude. An estimated 228,000 of all registered consumers are self-excluded still and use the program as a buffer against gambling. 

Commenting on this milestone, GAMSTOP CEO Fiona Palmer said that the company has made sure to work on solutions that are accessible to consumers: 

“We have developed the scheme to make it easier to register and have worked hard on raising our profile to make sure we are more visible to those who might need us.”

GAMSTOP CEO Fiona Palmer

Palmer admitted that part of the milestone was owing to GAMSTOP’s consistency and efforts to reach more people, but part of that was also attributed to the pandemic. 

GAMSTOP’s Mission Far from Over 

GAMSTOP remains committed to driving its responsible gambling message across the United Kingdom’s gambling industry. To this end, the organization has been actively looking to add more partners who are willing to boost awareness of self-exclusion as a way out of harmful gambling practices. 

There have been numerous tie-ups recently, and all committed to tackling the negative effects that sometimes occur in gambling. GAMSTOP works with Gamcare, a fellow responsible gambling initiative, and the Northern Gambling Clinic, which specializes in treating various gambling disorders, including addiction. 

GAMSTOP has been present in sports as well, with Brentford FC, Crystal Palace, Bolton Wanderers, and others all signing various partnerships designed to help the organization gain more exposure in delivering its services to more people in need. 

Palmer said that many consumers had returned positive feedback about GAMSTOP and the role the solution played in their recovery from harmful gambling behavior. The feedback has incentivized GAMSTOP to continue working hard and add more partners. In October, GAMSTOP added Simon Reynolds as the initiative’s non-executive director. 


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