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GAMSTOP Registrations Have Increased by a Quarter

British responsible gambling service GAMSTOP has marked an impressive 25% year-to-year registrations growth for the first half of 2021, sparking hope for a future with a well-regulated, safe and responsible gambling market.

GAMSTOP Marks 25% More Registrations in the First Half of 2021

GAMSTOP is a self-exclusion service that allows people to restrain their gambling endeavors. It has welcomed 25% more people to its platform when comparing the first halves of 2020 and 2021. The responsible gambling service had had a total of 40,000 new registrations for the first six months, with a peak influx of users in March.

GAMSTOP’s chief executive officer Fiona Palmer commented on this growth. She mentioned that the increase in users is mostly a good sign as it shows that people are more aware of tools that mitigate gambling-related harm and are willing to use them. Even so, Palmer emphasized the need to continue raising awareness of the dangers of gambling addictions in order to reach more people. 

One GAMSTOP user, Stacey Goodwin, also talked about GAMSTOP’s growth. Goodwin mentioned that on one hand, this isn’t entirely positive news as it means more people are gambling. On the other hand, it shows that people are more aware of services such as GAMSTOP and have the willpower to make a step and self-limit their betting activity.

GAMSTOP’s Insightful Statistics

Palmer mentioned that GAMSTOP’s user base is comprised of people of various genders, race, and backgrounds, meaning that no one is safe from spiraling down the path of harmful gambling tendencies. This means GAMSTOP’s mission to offer a solution to problem gamblers continues

In total, the service currently has about 218,000 registrations with twice as many men as women using it to limit their gambling activities. The data also shows that younger people (between 18 and 34) make up more than half (59%) of the total users.

Additional research inquired about the ethnicity of users. Based on 3,300 survey participants, it was deduced that an overwhelming majority of the GAMSTOP users are white (89%), compared to a fairly low number of Black (2%), Asian (3%) and mixed (1%).

A background check showed that almost a half of GAMSTOP’s users live with an annual salary of $43,000 ($32,000) and about a third earning as much as $65,000 (£48,000). More than 75% have a job with 63% being childless and/or living with no children in their home. Out of all the users, 58% have chosen to exclude themselves for the next 5 years.   

“It is imperative that we continue to reach people from across the UK, and to give them access to tools that can aid them in their recovery, or form an important preventative measure,” Palmer concluded.


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