GamblingNews and Incentive Games CEO John Gordon Talk B2B Gaming (Podcast #13)

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GamblingNews was recently joined by the co-founder and CEO of Incentive Games, John Gordon, in a podcast to discuss how the B2B gaming software company is shaping the industry and expanding into new territories. The company launched eight years ago and recently added the US to its list of areas served, thanks to a new partnership with Intralot.

Gordon, who began his professional career in chemical engineering, made the switch to gaming when he saw the need to provide a B2B solution that was able to offer innovative gaming options to operators. The company has continued to grow through a grassroots approach to marketing that has allowed it to become a significant part of several licensed gaming regions. It is active in more than 36 countries and is now targeting the US for its high-growth potential.

As an engineer, Gordon inherently approaches every problem with an outside-the-box perspective, which has been key to the company’s success. Running Race, Penalty Kick and other applications are enjoying growing penetration in all of the markets the company serves, and a number of new options are expected to be introduced in the coming months.

As with any company involved in the gaming industry, reaching new areas has been challenging for Incentive Games. Meeting different regulatory demands and requirements means providing thorough due diligence of every aspect of a company’s operations, but the response Incentive Games has received is a strong indication of its ability to respond appropriately.

Incentive Games has a number of exciting announcements coming soon, one of which could be made within a week or two. These will undoubtedly shape the future of the company’s global operations and could also impact how the entire B2B segment evolves as the iGaming industry continues to advance.

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