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Caroline Ackroyd to Become Chief Financial Officer of XLMedia

Global digital publishing group XLMedia has elected a new chief financial officer. Finance specialist Caroline Ackroyd will be stepping into the position and also joining the board of directors.

Ackroyd to Replace Ellis as a CFO

The new chief financial officer will replace Rowan Ellis. The latter will remain a part of XLMedia but will be demoted to a financial consultant. Ellis will cooperate with Ackroyd during the handover process. Ackroyd will enrich XLMedia with her vast experience in the gaming and entertainment sector. She is also knowledgeable of investor relations and finance and has worked as a chief financial officer at other firms.

Between 2004 and 2012 Ackroyd held various finance-related roles at British Sky Broadcasting, now known as Sky UK. Then, she moved to become finance director for the Gala Coral Group-owned betting operator Coral Interactive and held the position until 2014. Then, Ackroyd moved to the medical video consultations platform Push Doctor where she served as a chief financial officer between 2018 and 2020. Lastly, before joining XL Media, Ackroyd briefly worked as a chief financial officer of the data-powered marketing and advertising firm Jaywing.

Ackroyd is Excited to Join the Company

Ackroyd shared that she is truly pleased to join XLMedia. She said that she is looking forward to working with the company’s team. Ackroyd hopes to “build upon the strong foundations in place” and work to usher in an even more exciting phase.

The company’s chief executive officer, Stuart Simms, spoke on the matter as well. He said that he is excited to welcome Caroline to XLMedia. Simms believes the new chief financial officer to be a highly experienced individual who will benefit both XLMedia’s leadership team and the company’s board of directors.

Simms elaborated that Ackroyd’s profound expertise, deep understanding, and intimate knowledge of the sector offer “tangible value and insights”, especially in light of the dramatic progress XL media is delivering in US Sports.

Speaking of US Sports, XLMedia recently expanded its business in the United States by acquiring online US College football news publisher Saturday Football Inc in a $24 million deal. The agreement was signed in early September, just in time for the start of the US college football season.

Later in the same month, XLMedia also added to the value of its operations in the United Kingdom by acquiring the Leeds-based marketing agency Blue Claw Media for $2.5 million in cash.

XLMedia has been enjoying a strong year so far. Ackroyd will have the responsible task of keeping the company’s momentum and driving it further.


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